Linden Lab warns tighter rules to come

Massively: "Linden Lab's land-team honcho, Jack Linden, posted a heads-up this week of upcoming changes to Second Life mainland (that is, Linden estate) policy. That's right, townies -- you're going to have to make way for the ... errr ... townies. The announcement itself is more of a piece of expectations-management. It's thin on actual useful content (in fact, there's virtually none -- and what little it has is mostly there by implication), but provides ample warning for users not to be blind-sided by upcoming policy announcements.

The warning comes in two areas. One is the introduction of zoning, and the other has to do with in-world advertising. Jack identifies advertising particularly as a critical issue, but suggests very little about what will be done, and much of that is confusing.

Right now, though, we're wondering if this is more than talk, as Linden Lab seems to lack the resources to make anything stick."

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