Review: Halo 5: Guardians (DarkZero)

Ahmed Mohamed: "I had the option to flank left, stay central, or flank right in a breathtaking sandy environment riddled with ancient statues on the Elite home world on Sanghelios. I sent my co-op buddy to the left to do some reconnaissance and take out any stragglers that moved away from the group of Covenant defending the entrance we had to get through. The two AI teammates and I went to the right, first clearing the bridge leading right up to the entrance defended by a Wraith. As we all struggled to make any leeway, with several Elites stopping our ascent up onto the shattered bridge to take out the Wraith, I spotted what seemed to be a weak point in the levels geometry and immediately Spartan charged right through. Voila, an entirely new cavern and flanking option had just emerged. We took out the enemies and I ordered my two AI teammates to take up positions centrally that would distract the Elites blocking our path. I tip-toed through the cavern and managed to assassinate one and eventually kill the other. It turned out there was another breakable construct underneath the bridge, and we all waltzed inside towards our objective without having to take out the enemies directly above us protecting the entrance we were supposed to go through. This is when Halo 5: Guardians is at its most ridiculous best, and this happened all the time throughout my 12 hour journey on strange alien worlds with fantastical vistas and skyboxes."

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raggy-rocket1268d ago

Nice to see such a positive review. I thought the game was excellent. Multiplayer 10/10, story 8/10. Overall I give 9/10

Automatic791268d ago

@Raggy-rocket great game I have seen nothing but fantastic reviews for this game.

tuglu_pati1268d ago (Edited 1268d ago )

It think the game plays pretty well, multiplayer is really good, but the campaign feels a bit flat. I would say a 8.5/10 IMO

pivotplease1268d ago

Multiplayer is where the true longevity lies so having that be the best part is good news.

Trekster_Gamer1268d ago

Great review!
Total agreement!

rocketleague1268d ago

Gonna get some hate for this, but I absolutely despise Halo 5. I was a massive Halo fan. I bought an Xbox One just for this game. The story was laughably bad, REQ system only benefits warzone players, and ranking caters only to esports. This is the game that will make people lose faith in Halo.

wakeNbake1268d ago

Critics and the general community disagree.

rocketleague1268d ago

Critics agree the story sucks.

MeliMel1268d ago (Edited 1268d ago )

@rocketleague, Critics also agree it probably has the best multiplayer on consoles.

etownone1268d ago

The campaign was good. great for 4 player Co op experience. Amazing visuals and better soundtrack then Halo 4. New improve controls and high replay value.

The amount of detail, and love put into this game makes it a worthy successor to Halo, & a Aaa juggernaut

rocketleague1268d ago

Yeah but the characters felt so lackluster. Emotion was puddle deep. Even with the biggest moment between Chief and (SPOILER) Chief didn't react momentously. More so, the story didn't take off until halfway through the 6 hour campaign. 80 percent of it was Locke, which would be fine if Locke had even an ounce of emotion. The game felt devoid of charm and any true meaning. Maybe my expectations were too high, but to continue Bungie's legacy, I expect nothing short of incredible.

OpieWinston1268d ago

Okay so you didn't like the story even though it set up a Reaper style universe for Halo.

You don't like Esports focused PvP
You don't like casual PvP even though you don't get Warzones REQ.

maybelovehate1268d ago

I wonder why Halo doesn't show health bars on enemies... kind of a frustrating mechanic. Or can I turn that on somehow?

Sorry, awesome game and not related just was playing now and wondering that.

rockwhynot1268d ago (Edited 1268d ago )

I'm glad people are enjoying the game but how do you guys stand those chirpy squeak sound after every single kill or assist in Multiplayer?

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