Halo 5 doesn't, and won't, have splitscreen - but Halo 6 might

"Realistically, for Halo 5, it's not something we can just throw in a patch," O'Connor said. "It's just not feasible with the way the engine works." Falafel

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Septic1271d ago

Halo 6 will have split screen. Mark my words. The engine and what they have done with dynamic resolution falafel is the reason why Halo 5 doesn't have it.

For Halo 6 they just have to nail the story by taking the criticisms on board, adopt what they have done with Halo 5's amazing MP and continue to maintain 60fps. I can't go back to 30fps on Halo. That would just suck.

Crashbandicoot871271d ago (Edited 1271d ago )

By that time it will probably be irrelevant. It will probably be a better FPS with splitscreen on a whole another level in the future.It could be by any publisher and developer including Microsoft, Crytek, or Dice

user99502791270d ago

And fluffy unicorns will sail across the sky on magical gumdrop clouds while all the happy children frolic below in fields of strawberry grass with bubblegum smiles! =)

On a less stupid note, I agree Septic. They will probably find a way to work split screen into the game. H5 feels like a game built on a new engine, things are a bit shaky but they will nail it down. By then I think MS' cloud engine will be ready for gametime and a lot more standard in MS' first party IPs.

Crashbandicoot871270d ago (Edited 1270d ago )

Good one Martin. I'm not gonna even counter that since it was hilarious to me. When Halo helps Microsoft catch up to PS4 then I'll open my mouth again.

beans1270d ago (Edited 1270d ago )

Yeah I'm hoping to see cloud tech taken advantage of in Halo 6 multiplayer and online cooperative play. Hopefully things go well with the tech and this vision comes to light soon. As far as sales, who cares!

freshslicepizza1270d ago

the focus was on online play and drop in and drop out of co-op campaign. this took precedent over splitscreen and they wanted it all to be 60fps so that you did not get that huge fluctuation of having to drop the frames in half just for splitscreen.

who knows, maybe they will pull off 60fps for splitscreen for halo 6 but i don't think they will be going back to 30fps. it's not just 343 but a lot of developers are dropping splitscreen gaming.

76erz241270d ago

You seriously need to hop off hating anything Halo or Xbox with your free time. It's kind of ridiculous right?

Flash811269d ago

Crash lol see you online bro :)

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OpieWinston1271d ago

Well they've learned the hardware now. And next Halo will be built from the ground up with DX12. Simply because 343i is the one studio that utilizes all tools MS gives them.

So having Split Screen for the next Halo makes sense.

I just hope they keep 4 player AI. Because they've done such an amazing job on the enemy AI and I want them to continue improving the Co-op AI.

Azzanation1269d ago (Edited 1269d ago )

With Halo 6 adopting DX12, they will be able to do some crazy things. I am fine if they choose 30 frames for the campaign but going from 60 to 30 will take time getting use to.

30 frames to me feels like last generation, however if Halo 6 can offer an even better campaign then Halo 5 (which I actually really enjoyed) I wouldn't mind seeing the campaign with all the effects turned on etc and pushing the XB1's hardware.

As for spilt screen co-op, I couldn't care less. Playing games split screen is also last generation. Online is where its at, I can have as much fun playing with old school mates online then having them next to me. That's just me, if Halo 6 doesn't have split screen would make no difference to me.

madmonkey011271d ago

they, like a lot of modern developers under estimate the demand for local co-op.

Septic1271d ago

Tbh, I don't blame them. But people really wanted it and they should listen, which I think they have and will do so in the future.

madmonkey011271d ago

i remember when Resistance 1 had local co-op on ps3, but then they removed it for resistance 2. Only for it to return in resistance 3 after fans made it clear it was a feature they used.

TheUndertaker851269d ago

@madmonkey01: Resistance 2 co-op>Resistance 3 split screen. Resistance 2 co-op offered split screen and was amazing in its own right. Something fans also missed in Resistance 3.

Mike041270d ago (Edited 1270d ago )

No they dont under estimate it, maybe they are wise enough to do it like that to add console sales and game sales from Halo fans..and more likely Halo6 they will add it because fans will be disappointed if it doesnt come with co-op.

Talking about general, I think we should see the real picture here and see whats going on in gaming, developers are really shipping our games so disected and half of what we pay for. like DLCs, season pass, and weapons or taunts.

Lennoxb631270d ago

Keep it out. Tell your friends to get a job.

BiggerBoss1270d ago

Some people actually see their friends in real life and want to play on the same TV. It's sad that you want them to NOT put in a feature that people want.

Lennoxb631270d ago (Edited 1270d ago )

I have friends in real life as well. But they have their own consoles. Its not sad to think that when 0.04% of people use it.

Peace_Love_and_FPS1270d ago (Edited 1270d ago )

Give me some stats boy.

Giving you a glimpse of my friend group its at a unanimous 100%, we all go to each other's houses after work on Friday to game split screen with stuff like rocket league, black ops 1/2 zombies, and other great games.

We all have multiple consoles and most of us even have high end gaming PCs, we can afford it, but they can't afford the risk to bring them over weekly to someone's house, possibly breaking it in transport along with TVs because if you're sensible you would have ONE TV in your home per person and not multiple consoles of the same type. You seem like the kind who lives alone (or in their mothers basement), do you have 2 identical consoles and multiple displays?

I don't even know why I have to explain this to you, it is common sense and literally doesn't harm you whatsoever to have it implemented. Please try to counter that argument with all your idiocy, please, I'm begging you.

Azzanation1269d ago

I actually agree with Lennoxb63. Split screen takes away there focus on delivering other things. If you want to play co-op play MCC. Split screen is N64/PS1 days, not in 2015.

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tucky1270d ago

Very upset with the 5 ... I thought they would not plan a 6 ... Try a new franchise 343 industry

BiggerBoss1270d ago

There is zero chance Ms would let them stop making Halo. Its a guaranteed money maker. Honestly the only thing 343 needs is a new story writer and they'd be good, they've got gameplay down already.

Bigpappy1270d ago

Don't like it? Move on and play something else.

ninsigma1270d ago

The only reason 343 exists is for them to make halo. They were literally made to be a halo developer, that's it. So them making another game is not going to happen.

Lon3wolf1270d ago

I wouldn't say never on making any other game but yeah they were created for the Halo franchise.

ninsigma1270d ago

Well yeah maybe never is a bit ott but I think as long as 343 make halos that sell to expectation then they will be the halo studio. If they see a decline in sales they may take a break and make a different game or let 343 make a new game while another studio does halo.

Relientk771270d ago

Hopefully 6 has split screen

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