Female voice actress discusses Fallout 4: 'No stone has been left unturned'

The game hasn't been shown off too much, outside of the few gameplay videos and the E3 2015 presentation we've seen, but the voices of Fallout 4 have had some great things to share about their experiences working on the game.

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DittoHefner1271d ago

I feel like there's going to be a delay for some reason...I doubt it and hope I am wrong though.

Stapleface1271d ago

It's gone gold and releases in 10 days. IDK what would make you think that. Did you get free drugs with your Halloween candy? I swear I never go through the good neighborhoods...Facebook said there would be free MDMA with my treats damn it.

NovusTerminus1271d ago (Edited 1271d ago )

The game is gold and well into print, and shipping to stores now. Some copies have been leaked. There is no delay going to happen.

Phoenix761271d ago

I think there's more chance of a nuclear war happening than there will be a delay. /s
Its only 9 days away now

DittoHefner1270d ago

We don't have to worry about nuclear war, the U.S already nearly accidentally bombed itself several times, haha.

DittoHefner1270d ago

Lol I said I doubt it guys, damn.

JamesBroski1270d ago

I know that feeling dude, I think MGS V is going to be delayed as well

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ironcrow23861271d ago

As great as Courteney Taylor is, i miss laura Bailey :(