Halo 5: Guardians: The Kotaku Review


"Halo 5: Guardians is the first time I haven’t loved a Halo game. Though, thankfully, the latest chapter in the sci-fi shooter universe has a few things going for it."

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GearSkiN1269d ago

Lol this review got spoilers...

guitarded771269d ago

I'm a loser who just reads the "Should you buy it" portion, so I'm golden. I'm on the fence about picking it up in November when I get my X1. I only play Halo for the SP, and every review has been critical of it. I'll eventually buy it, but don't know if I'll pay $60 for a questionable campaign.

nix1269d ago

If it's SP only... You might want to reconsider.. Or buy it when it gets cheaper.

guitarded771267d ago

Yeah, that's the plan. I may just hold out a bit longer for the new Gears. It's not hurting me not to have one right now, and I have an infinite back catalog.

GearSkiN1269d ago

Game is built on IF YOU FOLLOW THE read the books and comics... And I think that's a problem for ppl who doesn't really care much for it...

Trekster_Gamer1269d ago

Loved the game!
Hopefully more enemy variety in Halo 6.

MSBAUSTX1269d ago

The story I thought was actually pretty good. Although I wish there was more chief dialogue. Also warzone is probably the best multiplayer halo experience I have ever had.

ChrisW1269d ago (Edited 1269d ago )

In the beginning - Halo CE - the story was the focus for obvious reasons. Since then the story in the Halo universe has been a roller coaster. I was hoping that this new iteration would have been a strong story to go in conjunction with its tried-and-true multiplayer formula.

Nonetheless, I will be playing through the story mode with optimism. Hopefully my experience, and how I perceive it, will be better than others...

NewAgeisHere1269d ago

Finally one honest review, but of course it will get attacked by fanboys. Fact is: terrible single player, awesome multiplayer, deal with it.

Benchm4rk1269d ago

While the SP was the weakest part of Halo 5 I would hardly call it terrible. The level design and co op aspect is really fun and the new mechanics make for some variety in the way you can tackle different encounters. I actually enjoyed the campaign but the story left a little to be desired. Multiplayer is phenomenal though.

GearSkiN1269d ago

single wasnt terrible... the game had really great acting design and soundtrack , how can a game be terrible.... thought that single was decent.. i was hoping for alot better campain that would explain more things... since i dont really read the book or comics.