1UP: Carnival Games Review

Following the unexpected success of last year's Carnival Games for the Wii, developer Cat Daddy has ported the minigame juggernaut to the DS. This version of Carnival Games features a robust character creator and lots of unlockable accessories to further customize your avatar, but it eschews the fun multiplayer aspect of the original for a stale single-player-only ride.

A quick trip around the park uncovers a shallow world (other carnivalgoers -- who you can't interact with -- wander around in a mute daze) with very little replayability. This is a game for children between the ages of 2 and 6 who might turn on the system and be entranced by the flashy lights (or may just chew on the DS stylus instead). More mature gamers will quickly unlock all of the game's "secrets" -- and even a majority of the costumes -- in a single short playthrough.

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