Game Tycoon 2 officially announced, launched on Steam Early Access

Sunlight Games has announced the Steam Early Access launch of their videogame development sim, Game Tycoon 2. The new iteration reflects the changing times and now allows players to develop games for PC, console, handhelds, smartphones and other platforms.

Game Tycoon 2 will take place from the dawn of home gaming in 1980 through to the near future of 2030, and will include 20 missions as well as an endless mode. The game will also reflect an accurate replica of video games economics as players use different software and hardware technologies appropriate to the time they live in.

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s45gr321269d ago

A game about making a game sounds neat

JonahFalcon1269d ago (Edited 1269d ago )

The original Game Tycoon iOS app was great. The PC version was... not so great. Hopefully they improved on it in the sequel.