PAX Aus 2015 Diary: Day One – Tomb Raider Shines While Bethesda Disappoints

Hayden Waugh writes: "Video game exhibitions rarely make their way down under so, when they do, it’s a very special event for Australian gamers of all ages. PAX Aus is all about celebrating what’s great about our independent developers whilst giving gaming nostalgia and the upcoming blockbuster titles room to move. Here’s the highlights of Power Up Gaming’s first day at PAX Aus 2015."

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ironcrow23861266d ago

in 10 days time we.ll see exactly how much Bethesda disappoints; my guess is not a lot :)

Testfire1266d ago

I can understand the frustration from waiting so long to only see recycled footage, but do we need to have everything spoiled nowadays? I'm so glad Bethesda doesn't feel the need to spoil everything before the game is released. They want everything to be a 1st time experience for the player like when first coming out of the vault in Fallout 3. That is one of my most memorable moments as a gamer and I'm thankful it wasn't spoiled for me.

Ristul1266d ago

Fallout is a deep rpg and trailers will never do it justice and new footage is not needed at this point as the game is already on peoples radar and close to release. Hell I would have a hard time appreciating it on a convention even if I got to play it, you need to play this game in the calm comfort of your own home.

ArabianKnight011265d ago

Couldn't agree with you more! +Bubbs "well said"