Uncharted 2 Isn't Uncharted 4 & Game Music Vs. Snobs - Best Video Game Podcast 9

The Best Video Game Podcast Top SEO Search Result discusses:
00:32 - Nier 2 Way More Platinum Than Square
01:29 - Platinum can solve Nier's problems
02:48 - Holy crap, a positive Kickstarter Story!?!?
04:25 - Teens love their game boxes! (This is news?)
07:29 - Video game music saving the symphony
09:00 - "Bleeps and bloops"
11:08 - Cultural differences in reception for Video Games Live
13:15 - "The Uncharted Guy" confuses Uncharted 2 for Uncharted 4
14:55 - TGS is not super English friendly. Should attending writers speak Japanese?
16:30 - Miscommunications happen even if you do speak Japanese
18:32 - The Placebo Effect changes how you view games, says study
19:45 - Blame Game
25:56 - IGN joins the party with incorrect images
28:33 - Hey, I like single-player shooter campaigns. Where are they going?

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knifefight2021d ago

There's no excuse for posting a huge editorial blasting Naughty Dog for "Uncharted 4" when the writer was playing Uncharted 2. There might be reason for him to make the mistake in the first place, because the Nathan Drake Collection looks great and it's been years...
But the editor absolutely should have realized that Uncharted 4 wasn't at the show. No one else was writing about Uncharted 4 at TGS, so wouldn't he realize something was wrong?

GribbleGrunger2019d ago (Edited 2019d ago )

I don't agree with the finding of that placebo effect using Don't Starve. The second time they played it they were told the AI was more adaptive and a lot of people said they could tell it was better. Well ... the first time they played it they just 'played it', while the second time they played it they were signposted on what to look for, which they did. That's not a good test at all. If they were told to look at the AI in their first playthough and THEN told it was improved on their second playthough, then that would have been a valid test.

stalepie2019d ago

From what I've heard I don't think video game music translates well to the symphony. The older stuff that was "chiptune" to begin with, I mean.