Irresponsible Parenting - Let's Play The Park

It's that time of year to turn off all the lights and break out the scary games. Join the PLG crew as they play a new experimental horror game from Funcom - The Park.

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MordocSeLanmere1270d ago

I am really intrigued by the concept of the haunted amusement park, I just wish they was more of a clear cut story behind it. Could be awesome, could be lame, all depends on the mystery behind it in the end I suppose.

ouijabored31270d ago

The game design includes some great visuals, but the pacing runs s-l-o-w. I had fun watching this Let's Play, and I hope you guys do more. Anyone else feel the cute squirrel thing undercut the horror?

markthius11270d ago

In the squirrel's defense, it did have ominous red eyes.

LaWiiG1270d ago

I like what funcom has done in the past. The Secret World ftw.