Guy bought a PS3 for $1700 and then Sells it on eBay for $1

A guy from Canada bought a PS3 for $1700 and then goes to sell it on eBay for $1 to help boost the holiday spirit. Not only that he will HAND deliver it to the winning bid on Christmas day, better be careful, you better watch out because Santa is coming to Town...

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Juevani5457d ago

u're goin 2 heaven, god bless u, lol

Rusty Ranchero5456d ago

I think this guy is really cool to do something like that. Exactly the opposite of what everyone else tried to; making money by ripping off real gamers.

The unfortunate truth to the story is that if there was no "Buy it Now" option, the auction never would have made it past $10.

I have a friend sitting on 2 launch PS3's! He has not opened them and cannot get more than MSRP top bids on them. That's what you get for ripping off mothers of little kids.

Arkham5457d ago

I think he's just a house-invader with a clever tactic to get past the front door.

benihya5457d ago

he is getting more than what he is giving.
1- 2 mins on national TV
2- become popular in his college with (student& teachers)
3- you need to visit his we site that is full of ads (people will keep going to that site after xmas too)

I will give my PS3, xbox360 and my PC just for one minute of air time just to say www.****.com

FirstknighT5456d ago

Very true! A smart tactic indeed!

tackleb0x5457d ago

And then the person that won it for a dollar relists it on ebay and buys a 360 with Gear of war.

NJ1307RSX5457d ago

only an idiot would do that.

TheMART5456d ago

Actually NJ everybody would do that instead of you.

It's like the moron saying to the rest of the world they are moronic, but he has too few braincells to know he isn't allright. That's like keeping a PS3 over a 360.

360 versions of games look better on cross-platform

THe best game of the year is on the 360, Gears of War.

Over a hundred titles available compared to how many?

Last gen support on PS3 is like having PS2 graphics downgraded, don't know how they do it, but it looks worse actually. 360 may not have support for all titles, but what it does, it does good. Even upgrading 480p to 720p sometimes and adding 4 x AA etc etc

360 the system that will get the former exclusives from PS, like GTA, like Assassins Creed and more

360 the system that will get the most and best exclusives, like Alan Wake, Forza 2, Halo 3 and not to forget the one game all Sony fanboys are still crying about: Bioshock

Shadow5456d ago

I know a lot of people who are trading-in GoW and their 360 for a PS3. Two guys I work with have already done it.

Cross-platform games only look better on the 360 currently due to a lack of experience programming on a PS3.

Its arguable whether Gears of War, Oblivion, or even Final Fantasy XII is the best game of the year, so what's your point?

Over a hundred titles compared to some 7000+PS2 games to tide-people over? What's your point, again?

The odd downsampling problem appears to vary from tv to tv. Does it bother me? Not in the slightest. I'm pretty confident Sony will have a fix for it. In the meantime, I can still play and enjoy many games I've owned for years. Graphics aren't everything.

Yes, former exclusives will come to 360. But also, 360 exclusives will end-up on Vista PC's. How else do you think MS is going to push gaming on PC's? My bets are on GoW looking better on a PC anyway, considering the 360's XENOS is already as outdated as the RSX.

The most and best exclusives? What about MGS4? FFXIII? Shadow of the Colossus II? God of War III? Gran Turismo V? Devil May Cry IV? Resistance? Selective hearing at its best.

Marriot VP5457d ago

you mean people will pay a few hundred dollars for a little publicity....

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