Five Most Exciting Things to Come Out of the Sony Conference

Jo from GamersFTW writes: "There was a lot of great and exciting content at the years Paris Games Week when Sony took the stage for their conference on Tuesday night. There were release dates, updates, and of course plenty of trailers and news about upcoming new releases. There was so much excitement around it that I have picked out the five things that stood out the most for me, and five things that I will most certainly be looking forward to in the coming year."

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Yukes1272d ago

WiLD looks awesome too. With Michel Ancel at the helm it's bound to be good. Cautiously excited about Uncharted 4 multiplayer but worried about the lack of dedicated servers.

joedom1272d ago

It seems like this year's PGW showcased a good balance between the old and the new. Horizon has real potential, and I always look forward to a new Tekken game. Here's hoping that neither of them suck!

Shillmeister1272d ago

I think next year will be the year I'll crumble and get a PS4, some top-notch exclusive games coming out that I can't keep myself from! Uncharted 4 admittedly taking the top of the ever-growing list.

TheGreatGamer1272d ago

For me (not in order)

1. WilD
2. Horizon
3. Detroit
4. Street Fighter
5. Rigs

ArchangelMike1272d ago

So it seems like Paris Games Week turned into a Sony Event, or is it that nobody else had anyting significant to show?

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