Revolting Videogame Rhymes and Sexy Halloween Cosplays

Brace yourselves for five, utterly disgusting videogame halloween poems. Why is Peach cutting Marion's balls off? What's it like having sex with a Prinny - oh, and don't get raped by Monokuma.

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Patashnik2706d ago

oh man, that has to be some of the funniest but WRONGEST stuff I've read in a long time...

DaveyB2706d ago

His stuff is always so.. weird... don't know anyone else who does stuff like this around games. Kinda funny - but so dark.

Patashnik2706d ago

It makes a change from 'Ten scariest games ever' crap that's usually on here.

DaveyB2706d ago

...or another Resident Evil retrospective... or another 12 goriest scenes from game... *dies of boredom* give me a man being raped by a giant robot bear any day of the wee- no, wait, hang on...