EA now expects 13m Star Wars Battlefront sales by March 2016

The game's beta prompts a 3 million increase in sales expectations
Electronic Arts.

Electronic Arts expects to sell 13 million units of Star Wars Battlefront by the time the fiscal year ends in March 2016.

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Hoffmann1265d ago

Won't happen. I predict 3-5 M.

JoeReno1265d ago

I didn't disagree that "it won't happen" but I do think it will sell more than 3-5mil in its life. That's where the disagree part came in.

13mil is pretty unrealistic in my humble opinion. It is StarWars, but I just don't see it selling that well with what is being offered. I know I am passing on the game because of that lack of a story mode. I got my MP fix with the beta and it was fun but it's just not my thing.

PreAtaric1265d ago

It will easily sell more than 5 million before the end of the year, I think.

13 million by March might be a bit optimistic but I don't think it's out of the question.

_-EDMIX-_1265d ago

nope. Most don't play betas before a game releases. As most times people will buy a game and not actually play a beta, look at past Beta numbers and noticed many times...more people bought the game then actually played the beta, either open or closed.

Star Wars can likely outsell Battlefield due to the nature of the IP and its positive response. Battlefield being more tactical doesn't mean it will get more sales, in fact COD being less then BF in terms of strategy outsells BF by 2X almost every single entry. No BF has ever outsold a COD.

Its actually likely Star Wars BF will outsell Battlefield due to its broad and concept compared to Battlefield or even Call Of Duty.

I saw 10 million as being realistic, I now see more consider the beta brought way, way more people then I thought would play it.

I now see it meeting 13 million or even going past that to something even higher then that.

Destiny had 4.5 million beta entries.

Sold 16 million (from what I'm hearing based on the registered users)

BF3 had 8 million in its beta

The final game sold 15 million

Meaning that if we go by this, most times a game's sales will go past its beta, as I don't think everyone who buys the game will play the beta, only those who are active and in the know will seek the beta or have time for it etc.

MOST don't play the beta as to why sales numbers many times are almost 2x that of beta numbers (many times almost half never even played the beta will buy the game)

I increased my prediction when I saw those beta numbers as if its the most played beta in EA's also can be EAs best selling FPS in history too, just saying, its very, very likely considering those beta numbers.

I mean how many games have we seen do big in beta numbers but less then half of that in actual sales?

sizeofyou1265d ago

I can see it doing 10-15 million easily. Film tie in, spur of the moment purchase, christmas presents. I kinda enjoyed the beta...only reason I'm making a stand is that they are taking people for a ride with the content.
And I'm not against season passes - I love good new content for games that have held my interest. Just stupidly high priced ones where I don't think the original content is enough.
That said, it will sell by the barrow load; cross platform.

jmc88881265d ago


You do realize that Call of Duty gets THREE years to make each game. That's a formulaic, almost nothing changes game. Right?

Well 2 1/2 years ago is when EA announced they secured the rights to make Star Wars games.

Most AAA games actually have an overall 4-5 year development cycle, when you include all the pre-full production stuff.

There's a reason why we didn't get space battles, single player, and are short a few maps.

It's because the made the game in half the time.

...and remember they had to make this game to exacting standards to look and feel like a Star Wars game... and also not be buggy.

I've always seen this game as a stepping stone. One that you have to forgive it's lack of content on the timeframe to get onto shelves by the Episode VII's release, and that subsequent versions will have a base to build off of.

This game is 100 percent from scratch.

sizeofyou1264d ago

I don't deny that...although it's on the Frostbite engine, so there's experience in it's workings, albeit on an older version. Undoubtedly, the engine will have benefited from the development too.
But to you and all the Star Wars fans who feel that way, I say enjoy it. For me, not a Star Wars fan as such (but seen all the films and will see the latest no doubt), I feel short-changed. I quite enjoyed the beta, but think EA are milking the name - and therefore, the punters personally. To take your argument, the base game shouldn't be full price then?
We are all different beasts and get our kicks in different ways. Enjoy the game, it's your choice, not mine. Like I say, it will sell well - and my stand on this occasion will not impact in any way...unless others feel the same!

sizeofyou1265d ago

Well...I wont be one of them. Would've bought it for a 'knockaround' off of the back of the beta BUT I think that content HAS been held back for season pass. Just a gut feel that says I'm not getting a good enough deal with the main game. And there's a lot of competition at this time of the year - they can have my money instead..!

Slanty1265d ago

Think you guys under estimate the fan base of stars wars.Plus it's release is so close to the new film.They are going to make a fortune.

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