November 2015 Game Releases - Welcome Home

MWEB GameZone writes: In the Wasteland Vault 111 slowly opens. Somewhere in space a city-builder on his way to the Moon tries to figure out how to construct a human settlement without gravity. Petrolheads across the globe rev their engines in anticipation for the need for speed. On November 6 soldiers gather to answer the call of duty. A privileged few witness the rise of the Tomb Raider. And the grandest space opera of the decade sweeps us away to a galaxy far, far, away...

Gamers worldwide welcome you to our screens. Let the games begin.

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Sillicur1272d ago

Awesome games coming out. I will be in Fallout 4 if anyone needs me for the foreseeable future though.

HoldenZA1272d ago

Fallout, Black Ops 3 and Star Wars I cant freaking wait! What a great month of gaming ahead

SonZeRo1272d ago

Fallout and NFS is what I'm looking forward to most.

HanCilliers1272d ago

I hope this NFS doesn't disappoint.

SonZeRo1272d ago

From the gameplay I have seen it looks good but will have to give it a go for myself.

ZombieDreddZA1272d ago

Great month of games. Really going to need a bonus and the month off work.