343's O'Connor Interested In Halo-Based Exploration Game Without Shooting

343’s Halo development director Frank O’Connor, seems to be excited for a Halo-based exploration title that doesn't involve shooting.

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christocolus1269d ago (Edited 1269d ago )

Nice. I wouldnt mind an open world Halo rpg similar to Mass Effect. They could focus on the convenant race or a side story focusing on the events of Reach. There is so much MS and 343i can do with the Halo lore.

Also check out this Halo 5 mp vid from IGN

VER1ON1269d ago

The Halo universe allows for a lot of spin-offs. I must confess I'm interested in the Halo ring as well. Although I don't know if a Halo based exploration title is a good idea, I can imagine that exploration elements in future Halo titles, would be a good addition to the series. If they decide to implement this though, it need to be done correctly.

christocolus1269d ago

“If they decide to implement this though, it need to be done correctly.”

Agreed. Ideas can always be turned into something just needs to be done right.

BartMoons1269d ago

I don't know, in general I don't like spin-offs from Halo that much. Both Halo Wars and Spartan Strike weren't my cup of tea. I can imagine an exploration title could become rather dull from a Halo perspective.

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AizenSosuke1269d ago

Halo RPG would be awesome!

OpieWinston1269d ago

Easy... Just throw Casey Hudson on the project and give him a budget with a few contract studios and I could see him making an amazing RPG that tells a brilliant story.

christocolus1268d ago

I think Casey may be working on an Xbox One western styled rpg. Its just bound to happen. The guy is an awesome talent.

OpieWinston1268d ago

I'm hopeful that Casey is working on an RPG right now. He did say that he joined MS IP Development team as CD because of Hololens and him seeing a future in that. But if MS ever makes an RPG studio he'll be right on it.

I'm pretty sure he's doing what Joe Staten is currently doing, helping games like Scalebound out.

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Alexious1269d ago

It would be really nice!

Perjoss1269d ago

*minor Halo 5 spoilers, I guess*

I wouldn't mind another Halo spin off, it was quite refreshing in Halo 5 when they get you to question the miners, as basic as it was it just felt good to be doing something other than killing.

SolidGear31269d ago

Mass Effect style RPG with guns would work best, imo.

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