First Limited Run Physical PS Vita Release Breach & Clear Overwhelming Success

Limited Run Games’ first physical PS Vita release Breach & Clear has been released yesterday with an overwhelming success.

At 11:30 a.m. (EST), orders for Mighty Rabbit Studios’ tactical strategy game Breach & Clear could be placed for $24.99 via Limited Run’s online shop and after 103 minutes, all 1,500 printed copies have been sold out.

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nidhogg2226d ago

103 minutes?! Now that's surprising!

Protagonist2226d ago

I hope this means, they will release other PS Vita games.

Miguelitons2226d ago

Yes, they already announced two other limited physical editions, Saturday Morning RPG and Cosmic Star Heroine for both PS Vita and PS4.

Heyxyz2226d ago

Yep, this is the final nail. This proves physical gaming is dead, and there's no market for it.

I'm joking obviously, but this proves what I've been saying for years. Physical gaming won't die because there's a market for it, and since there's a market do you really think greedy companies like EA and ubi would leave money on the table? I think not.

InahimeHondaSengoku2226d ago

Not sure if serious or trolling. You obviously commented in regards to PS Vita being dead, amirite? ;)

Heyxyz2226d ago

No....I love the Vita and have bought two of them....

I'm joking about how people say physical games are dead when stuff like this proves that isn't the case. In, short I'm making fun of the people who say all future games will be digital.

Next time please read my entire comment, thank you.

Eidolon2226d ago (Edited 2226d ago )

Was it because it was Limited Run?

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