X-Play G-Phoria 08: Favorite System

Adam Sessler presents the award for G-Phoria's Favorite System

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SolidSnake934348d ago

They've never done that before have they?

Overr8ed4348d ago (Edited 4348d ago )

not surprised. they dont talk about system Failures. And GTA shouldnt be best Action, MGS4 is there. And HAlo is Game of the Year in 07, 08 is all MGS4

La Chance4348d ago (Edited 4347d ago )

go 360 go !

On a more serious note , well it is more popular than the PS3 in the USA.You dont have to be bribed by MSFT or a fanboy to admit that.

Europeens should take example on the american when it comes to gaming :)

edit : oh ! dont jump on me fellow europeens , were one big family....right ? lol

edit 2 : *looks at the disagrees* oh well , looks like were not one big family :( .Never liked you guys anyway.

yesah4347d ago

guys there was like a internet poll, its not g4 deciung

shazam4347d ago

is filled with xbox fans so im not suprized at all about any of the awards.

JasonPC360PS3Wii4347d ago

G4 isn't taking sides, the PS3 just got owned... thats all.

JWork08254347d ago

That voting percentage for the 360 looks a lot like the failure rate.

SaiyanFury4347d ago (Edited 4347d ago )

X-Play has a demonstrated dislike of anything Japanese. This is evidenced by almost any JRPG. They liked Dragon Quest VIII, but anything else they seem to dislike unless it bears a resemblance to an American RPG. I've been watching X-Play for a long time and I closely watch their reviews of Japanese games on multiple platforms. They regularly give Japanese games a 3/5 and no higher. Because Japanese games aren't always the most inventive games, they score them with a rating that is "ho-hum". They score JRPGs with lots of text and no spoken dialogue with a relatively low score simply because they don't have the attention span to read text. I started playing most JRPGs on the original PS where RPGs didn't have much spoken dialogue yet may fantastic games appeared. Similar games are on PS2 and will undoubtedly appear on PS3.

Now they generally ignore the PS3 version of games and talk about the 360 versions only. Just a personal observation, but X-Play has an obvious dislike of things Japanese and seem ready to embrace things US-based over Japanese-based.

This is an opinion, but it seems to be consistent. I like spoken dialogue as well, but scoring a game low because reading is required is a cheap shot.

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kingfury4348d ago

Fvck Adam Sessler and fvuck G4 for puttin this bullshiet on N4G. I swear if I was on G4 i would raid that bietch for lying ps3 is the best and yall know it


Arsenic134348d ago (Edited 4348d ago )

Jesus christ. Why didn't u vote for PS3 then? Dude, go outside. It was voted by users not G4. Blame the amount of 360 Gamers compared to PS3 gamers.

zapass4348d ago

[email protected] these rotten xcoxuckas
gaming medias suck the m$ fat [email protected] just like foxnews suck the BUSH fat [email protected] they've been selling the POS360 just like the war in irak:


2008 belongs to the PS3: period
suck my D!CK sessler and go cash your check you POS 'gaming journalist'

Shadow Man4347d ago

LMAO!! @ kingfury I can't believe you took this so seriously ur so PHOCKING STUPID! Who cares what they think is best is just their opinion IDIOT! Go play ur PS3 BAKA!

ukilnme4347d ago

@ kingfury

I disagreed. LMAO. Good luck trying to kick my a$$ over the internet. It's just sad that you are so butt hurt over this. Must not be a true gamer.

@ dumbass, oops i mean zapass

You are absolutely pathetic. Blind loyalty to a company that does not give a $hit about you.

morganfell4347d ago

He didn't vote for the PS3 because he was gaming it rather than waiting for it to come back from repairs.

La Chance4347d ago (Edited 4347d ago )

MGS4 and Uncharted came ou last year.
So what game was is playing ???

edit : oh! my bad ! Bet he must be chasing that Nectar in Haze.You go boy !

morganfell4347d ago (Edited 4347d ago )

? MGS4 came out this year dunce. And Uncharted is worth playing that much. You wouldn't know. Don't talk crap about any 360 title because I probably already own it unless it's some sissy Japanese game where 14 year old androgynous looking boys save the universe. Be warned that the last person that thought I didn't have a 360 and a Wii walked away looking like an ass.

Maybe you are used to game that are good for only one play through because DVD9 doesn't have enough space for anything else.

zapass4347d ago

almost, that's you i don't give a rats ass about
keep sucking, you're doing a heck of a job

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Sonics0204348d ago

Well it was voted on by the viewers not them and it only had 33 percent of the vote. Sessler also said that the ps3 was the most powerful console out there.

toughNAME4348d ago

Best Games = Best Console

Is anyone surprised by this?

STARS4348d ago

Your opinion =/= fact.

La Chance4348d ago

33% of the vote...that reminds me something.

lol , how ironic.Must be a magic number for the 360...

Tarasque4347d ago

Only 33%, maybe you need math lessons. 33% out 6 devices is alot. So that means 67% was split between 5 other devices. Nice try though maybe next time.

La Chance4347d ago (Edited 4347d ago )

wrong reply

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ukilnme4347d ago

Are your feelings hurt?

Arsenic134348d ago

No it wont. Hold me V1c1ous! Im scared of the fanboys!