Beware! Video games turning kids epileptic

HIGH-SPEED video games are fast turning photosensitive kids into 'reflex epilepsy' patients. The same impact results from high-resolution television sets.

Doctors at KGMU Department of Neurology have recorded many such cases aged between 5 and 16 years. In majority of cases, parents were confused photosensitivity with some other problem.

"Epilepsy is of different types. The latest is reflex epilepsy that happens in photosensitive kids where sudden lights provoke epilepsy," says Dr RK Garg of KGMU. Dr Garg, who is conducting a study on such patients, explains that these patients otherwise lead a normal life and do not experience the usual fits. It is only when they get exposed to certain lights that they show epileptic symptoms.

"Even if you go for a Computer Topography Scan or the magnetic resonance imaging, the brain parts would be as normal as in any other child. It is only when the light comes from a certain medium that it causes epilepsy," he says...

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MicroGamer5253d ago

that was banned because over 650 kids in Japan had seizures when the screen suddenly started flashing and red and blue during an explosion scene.

stingray91915252d ago

Try using mannatech's ambrotose on a daily basis to combat this disorder.