Apple's iPhone takes a toll

Last year, when Apple unveiled its iPhone and made it available in the United States exclusively from AT&T, the debut sent ripples throughout the cell phone industry.

Handset maker Palm suffered as consumers swooned for Apple's phone, according to surveys by consultancy NPD. AT&T benefited by pulling subscribers from rival carriers Alltel and T-Mobile USA.

So will Apple's new phone, the iPhone 3G, have a similar effect? Early evidence since the new device's July 11 debut suggests it will have even broader impact, in part because the entry-level model sells for US$199, compared with US$499 for the original version.

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kevnb3721d ago

but i have a hard time believing one third of iphone users carry another cell phone with them... Worse yet, they forgot to mention that the iphone 3g is a global product as opposed to the prior version that was only sold from at&t (although there were unlocked versions on ebay).

f7897903721d ago

You dont need to google crap on the go but even when people do have it they still replace their phone for the in thing. Its a waste of money and resources.

Karebear3721d ago

1) And most important, my old razr broke shortly before the iphone 3g came out
2) I'm a Systems Admin and needed a way to get into my servers on the go
3) I needed to get to my work email on the go
4) I needed a better calendering solution on the go as my meetings have been insane lately.
5) I didn't own any ipods and just started riding the train to work
6) I can read documents and books while commuting
7) I needed a gps navigation system. I was carrying my Garmin GPS and my old google maps on my razr at the same time around in the car before.
7) I needed to be able to SMS faster as thats all the person I'm interested in uses
8) Lightsaber app... I mean c'mon... that's just cool.

I was already a Cingular customer that got unwillingly pulled into AT&T anyway, so it wasn't a big move for me.

PS3n3603721d ago

Soon we will have monitered internet at work so no more N4G, that is not on my desktop. Thank you iphone for keeping my ability to fan the flames on the company dime.

khellendros13721d ago

Yeah I love mine. I was looking for a new phone and I thought long and hard about whether to get this or the Tilt. I love having the internet with me where ever I go. I get a lot of calls from people needing my help on finding the best prices or information on various technologies. It's great that now I can just tell them to hold on and I use my iphone instead of telling them I'll call you when get to a computer. When I need to find a restaurant or a movie in the area I'm in I just load up one of the many apps too show what's near. I can even get on N4G to read articles and write comments.

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