Wild on PS4 is an Open-World Game with Startling Possibility

Earlier this week in Paris, famed game creator Michel Ancel presented the upcoming open world Wild with a deep-set grin. His enthusiasm and passion for the project echo in Wild’s dizzying vistas, and his team’s purpose is clear: empower players to traverse a beautiful, dangerous world. Let them attune with the forces of nature. And grant them dominion over animals of all shapes and sizes.

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Brugal1082d ago

This looks interesting.

BitbyDeath1082d ago

Yep, loving the RPG like elements where you get tattoos of all that you have learned.

sullynathan1082d ago

I'm digging this game. I really liked what I saw.

PreAtaric1082d ago

Very cool looking. Hope it won't be too long before we can play it but since he said it was still very early in development I'm guessing it will be a year at the very least, and probably longer.

: /

christian hour1082d ago (Edited 1082d ago )

It was first shown off in 2014, then went silent. I've waited patiently for over a year to see it again with little to no word on it, if it takes another 2-3 years to come out, I can wait that long. A well respected dev like that is worthy of my patience and I rather they take their time than rush it, which it appears theyve been doing :)

If it does come out in a year or two, I'll be pleasently surprised. I remember a lot of people being impressed by it in 2014, but any time I brought it up again to those people in conversation, they had no idea what I was talking about.Hopefully people won't forget about it again :)


N4G mucked up, this was supposed to be in response, somewhat, to @preAtaric

_-EDMIX-_1082d ago

Agreed. It would be nice to get it next year,but I'm not expecting that.

PreAtaric1082d ago

Oh yeah, I won't lose interest or anything. I'm still looking forward to The Last Guardian, so I'm definitely not the short attention span type. They should take their time and deliver the best game possible.

UserNameIsNotTaken1082d ago

This game is my pick for the best showing in PGW. :3

robtion1082d ago

Wild, Nier, and Detroit all look amazing. Hard to pick at this stage.

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