Silconera: Line Rider 2: Unbound out of limbo and into interviews

Silconera writes: "Right around when the Wii launched inXile announced they were bringing Line Rider to the Wii and the DS. That was in 2006 and we were supposed to get the game in spring 2007. During the past two years inXile has quietly been working on the project and now they are ready to talk about it. I asked Chris Keenan, Producer at inXile, what took so long to bring Line Rider to consoles and what makes Line Rider 2: Unbound different from the free to play game that's already online.

The console version of Line Rider has been in development for quite some time. What extended the project development time? Were there difficulties in making the Wii or DS version?

Chris Keenan, Producer at inXile: It has. We really wanted to get it right. Development on Line Rider was interesting because there was a large amount of feature creep. Once we started working on a feature, it would spawn ten new ideas on things we could add to the game to make it better. It was hard to not include some of them in the schedule, since we could directly see how they would positively impact the game."

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