Learning the Ropes in Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End Multiplayer - Playstation Blog

The brutal pace and ferocious gunplay in the Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End multiplayer suite was recently detailed by one of Naughty Dog’s Lead Game Designers Robert Cogburn

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2953d ago

Celebrating 10 Years of PS4 with Our Favourite Games

Push Square's editorial team delve into their favourite PS4 games.

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Crows9011d ago (Edited 11d ago )

The best games of their generation too. Its incredible how great most if not all of playstations games are. Whether you like the stories or not you cant deny the quality of each title.

Hated tlou part 2. But im going to buy it when it is cheap enough because i want to play the remastered content for $10 extra dollars. Theyre adding a roguelike mode...thats going to be fun!

11d ago

Most Detailed Video Games

These are some of the most detailed video games available now. The games contain details regarding the plot or mind-blowing visual effects.

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Hereandthere144d ago

4 PlayStation exclusives, rdr2 and gta 4 and 5. Not one xbox made game.

zachyBROosevelt144d ago

What Xbox game should be on there?

Flewid638144d ago

Quantum Break and Ryse Son of Rome. They're the only 2 Microsoft games I ever enjoyed, probably because they felt like PlayStation games.

MIDGETonSTILTS17144d ago

What Xbox games are missing?

What Xbox games would even be candidates? The OG Xbox version of Chaos Theory?

SullysCigar144d ago

None - I took that as his point. There aren't any xbox games that are contenders for this list.

Abnor_Mal144d ago

“Not one ‘Xbox made’ game.”


Yet people are throwing out games made by third parties that are exclusive to Xbox, which isn’t what the question asked.

MIDGETonSTILTS17143d ago

A simulator that was built for PC first hardly counts….

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MIDGETonSTILTS17144d ago

MGS2’s ice cubes deserved a mention.

ClayRules2012144d ago

Seriously, they melt🤯 that game, ahead of its time.

andy85143d ago

Blew my mind back in 2001 in the bar area, each bottle smashing individuallly when you shot them too. Never seen that before

ClayRules2012144d ago

I’m so glad to see Days Gone get some recognition, because it absolutely is a BEAUTIFUL looking game, and in other times, downright incredible, with its snow forming on the ground over time and the storms coming in with the winds blowing the trees is a sight to behold! I remember at one point I was using photo mode and snapped this photo (I swear) using the filters and other effects the shot I captured looked so realistic, it was remarkable. It was of a leaf 🍁 (others were around it) by this train track and the area was wet from the rain. I captured many others, which turned out fantastic. I’m sure ya’ll captured some fantastic one’s yourselves. Oh, and the horde of freakers 500 coming at you is insane and a sight to see. Wish we could get a sequel, Days Gone deserves it!

Uncharted 4 - Man, that game still blows me away still to this day. ND really captured the adventures of Nate, Elena, Sully and Sam in a way that was not just so stunning to look at, but in a way that EVERY new location, be it in a new area of this specific city, town, jungle, mountain range etc all felt truly living, with life. One of my favorite locations was the old lady’s mansion, such a simple mission, yet so fun, intriguing, sad, and intense all at the same time. And the richness of detail packed into the objects in that mansion is superbly detailed. Anyone notice the couch pillow in Nate and Elena’s house actually mushes down when she rests her arm on it when she’s talking to Nate about him taking the job? ND delivered with best in class character models, yet again. Dirt in nails, I mean🤯 I remember capturing a photo of Nate hanging from a ledge in Madagascar and I snapped a pic, zoomed in, and dirt was in his finger nails, that’s just insane detail. Add on the chest hair blowing in the wind lol.

RDR2 - Masterpiece of a game! In visual details, how this game still looks better than games nowadays (and they don’t even have to be open world) is something else. Fantastic character models, hair/facial hair that grows in real-time, awesome cloud system, NPC characters in the world actually eat their food, cut up their 🥩 among other new details being discovered these almost 5 years later, it’s amazing. Horse testicles. Has me intrigued to see how GTA6 will deliver in comparison to dynamic events etc.

The Last of Us Part 2 - ND took PS4 to its limits with this game. The level of detail in these models is striking, again, best in class, along with the environments. Foliage is phenomenal and doesn’t look like that “cheap” looking video game grass. It’s such a step up in quality. The gore is a visual ummm, I don’t want to say delight, but showcase for depicting how unforgiving that world is. The level of pain, fear and loss on the faces of NPC’s when you take their life in this game as Ellie or Abbie, man I always felt bad about that. And the dogs too… until the dogs came at me, than all bets were off lol. But again, there’s many more details that players who’ve not played this game must see for themselves to appreciate. Motion matching technology to me tho has to be the most impressive thing above even the visuals. Although both compliment each other, playing the game with the tech and the way everything flows so fluidly and smoothly is like playing an E3 demo, each play through feels just that damn good.

Rimeskeem144d ago

Wonder if Sony will give Bend another chance at Days Gone. The game was great, just maybe not the same quality as other PS exclusives. They are on the right track though, for their first new IP since 1999 I would say they should be given a chance to polish in a sequel. I can only imagine the madness of hoards they can make with the PS5. Maybe add a coop mode so that friends can be like a biker gang together and take out giant hordes with each other.

Just seems stupid to not give the IP another chance given it (supposedly) sold extremely well.

jznrpg144d ago

As long as it stays single player I hope they do make a sequel. I really enjoyed Days Gone and It would be a guaranteed purchase from me. I have the collectors unopened for the first game.

StormSnooper143d ago

I wouldn't mind a multiplayer Days Gone. It would have some intense hoard fights for sure! This is from a mainly single player gamer. I would want a single player Days Gone II, with a solid multiplayer mode.

Rimeskeem143d ago

I'm not saying to make it massively multiplayer or PVP, just would be nice to explore and kill hordes with a friend or 2.

1Victor143d ago

@Rimes:”Wonder if Sony will give Bend another chance at Days Gone.”

Personally I would prefer a remastered Warhawk, Starhawk or better jet a new game in the series even if it’s a GAS 😢

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PS4 10th Anniversary: DashGamer's Top 5 Games

Dan Rizzo says "This year we celebrate ten years if the PlayStation 4, and while it slowly retires itself from the market, it leaves an imprint so vast that it personified what gaming would become for an new wave of players. The tagline “For the Players” was not just some fancy slogan, it was a moniker the studio and its leadership was prepared to fulfil for its dedicated audience."

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Rebel_Scum248d ago

lol if you’re gonna have so many honorable mentions why not just make it a top 10 or 15.

cammers1995248d ago

"This year we celebrate ten years IF the PlayStation 4"
Already tuned out since you can't spell.

Profchaos248d ago

Man way to make me feel old.
Where did those 10 years go we I still feel like we just finished the nes generation I swear