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Id Software had been a bit quiet in recent years following the release of 2004's Doom 3, but all of that changed during QuakeCon 2008 last week. The legendary game developer shed light on some of its new projects, including its new intellectual property Rage as well as a fourth Doom installment. And of course, id's co-founder and lead programmer John Carmack was in the center of it all. Widely regarded as one of the fathers of the first person shooter, as well as one of the top minds behind game development today, Carmack constantly pushes the envelope with both the titles and technologies. Tom's Games Game reviews spoke with Carmack in Dallas at QuakeCon 2008 to get his thoughts on id's new projects as well as working with Electronic Arts , making games for consoles, and the future of game development.

John Carmack: Well, "a lot better" may be stretching it. All of the key scenes, the things anyone is going to take a screenshot of are going to look exactly the same on both platforms. They'll get the high quality compression. But if you go into some areas in the wasteland, like behind a fence where nobody will typically go and explore, this is where the 360 version may look a little blurry compared to the PS3.

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Fowack3748d ago

Hes fine, instead of actually reading the article i am juist going to sit and look at his pick!

PoorDroids3748d ago

Actually, all he said was they were going to try and hide the use of added compression on some textures here and there. That's because he's smart.

In the end, the 360 version will be better, but I'd say go highend PC on this one, and ESPECIALLY the future masterpiece DOOM 4: HELL ON EARTH!

Armyless3748d ago

Complain loud enough to have MS relax the DVD royalties for extra discs, but keep damaging comments about the 360's limitations to a minimum. He does, after all, want to sell games on the 360 as well as the PS3, and shouldn't piss in his Cheerios.

Gabe Newell should take note.

power of Green 3748d ago

He'lll be in the same trouble if people actually read what he is saying outside of the storage issue. I know from your point of view talking about space is a type of shield from what he has said about PS3/360 hardware capabilities.

I guess he is still trying to get MSFT on the same page, our Rage space points could be a moot in the future but what he has said about the hardware, never will be.

DA_SHREDDER3748d ago

He contradicts what he says in every article I read on him. Im sick of this guy already and his game isnt even out. I was looking forward to Rage, but as much as he talks crap about the ps3, Im not gonna get this.

3748d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.