The Legend of Heroes: Trails In The Sky SC Now Available, Gets Launch Trailer & Screens

Publisher XSEED Games has announced announced that the long-awaited RPG The Legend of Heroes: Trails in The Sky SC is now available. The game can now be had digitally for $29.99 via the PSP and PlayStation Vita North America, and worldwide for Windows PC via and Steam.

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derkasan2224d ago

Four years? It's definitely been in the works for some time.

dead_pixels2224d ago

I just think it's awesome to see new PSP games being released to this day. Makes me much less concerned with everyone's doom and gloom prognosis for the system regarding Sony's recent comments.

Sly-Lupin2223d ago

...The PSP has been dead for a very, very long time.

I can only assume you're confusing the PSP with the Vita, and Trails in the Sky with Trails of Cold Steel.

dead_pixels2223d ago (Edited 2223d ago )

No, Trails in the Sky SC is a PSP title that is compatible with the Vita. Additionally, XSEED and Marvelous released Brandish, a PSP title with Vita compatibility in the same fashion earlier this year.

Edit: my original post referring to Sony's recent remarks was meant to reference the Vita, but my point remains the same.

3-4-52223d ago

Wait it released today!??

I've been so occupied with Halo 5 I forgot to check the Marvelous/Xseed forums in the past 6-7 days.

* I just beat LoH: ToV, still need to play through white witch & song of the ocean before I start Trails & then SC so I can be ready for Cold Steam 1&2.


DivineAssault 2223d ago

Gaming would feel so empty without JRPGs.. Why no physical release though? I hate buying digital..

dead_pixels2223d ago

My guess is Sony isn't producing any more UMDs.

dead_pixels2223d ago

Divine - it's actually a PSP game with Vita support via PSN.

DivineAssault 2223d ago

oh, i stand corrected then.. I was assuming this would be on both.. Ill have to do some more research on the title then.. I gave my psp to my nephew

MegaRay2223d ago

You can buy the game digitally for VITA. No need to bug your nephew for the PSP lol

DivineAssault 2223d ago

I dont usually buy digital though.. If indie titles can get released physically on vita, i dont see why this cant be.. But it is what it is.. Ill look be looking into it..