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"Played at Paris Games Week: Naughty Dog's latest, and possibly final, multiplayer mode is more fantastical and playful than ever."

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-Foxtrot1271d ago

"When that conversation was happening, we started thinking about leveraging an element that you typically don't find in multiplayer, which is magic"

You could just, you know, keep that when you do a fantasy game in the future and you have an online mode with knights vs wizards or a hunt the witch mode.

Genuine-User1271d ago (Edited 1271d ago )

Maybe they should go back and take out the mystical/super natural elements from the first three games as well?

"We started off with the idea of wanting Uncharted 4's multiplayer to be the culmination of the franchise," Cogburn said.

Aloy-Boyfriend1271d ago (Edited 1271d ago )

The Uncharted veteran inside him doesn't know or remember Uncharted has supernatural elements

-Foxtrot1271d ago

No one is bothered about them in single player but nobody liked them as silly gimmicks in Uncharted 3 when they were kickbacks

Why would you look at the complaints and go "Gee I know lets do 5 of these, have them as a big thing so everyone uses them"


How did something go from competitive and skillful to more accessible and arcadey

itBourne1270d ago

I dont care about the supernatural element, I dont know why in 2015 they are touting kill streaks.... Oh jeez.. I just remembered UC3 powerups for the team getting the shit kicked out of them, oh no... is that in here too?

Aloy-Boyfriend1271d ago

It's a separate mode from the traditional pew pew pew. More content and modes isn't a bad idea

-Foxtrot1271d ago (Edited 1271d ago )

From what we're reading on the forums and their blog posts...doesn't look like a separate mode.

The new feature is that silly in game store, you buy the powers through the in game why would you be allowed to buy them during one mode and not the other.

That makes no sense

I get being a fan of the game and ND but after they did the same thing with Uncharted 3 how can you just eat this up yet again.

It's going to be another balanced mess because they put all these gimmicks it and then when it comes to changing stuff they don't really listen, evidenced by the U3 beta to the actual game

Aloy-Boyfriend1271d ago

Chill mate! What they did with Uncharted 3 didn't bother me at all. Only thing that did was F2P where people purchased stuff and the game wasn't balanced anymore. That's when I stopped playing it, which was a lot of hrs invested.

I enjoyed that MP because it was fun, which is why I play games have fun. You keep talking about Skills Skills Skill... Are you a skillful player yourself?

I'm hoping for a hardcore or classic mode where all that thing you dislike is omitted and the default modes for those who want to just play the MP. I would play both. Sm4sh does this really well, so the "Skillful'' players stop bitching about not liking items and sidescroller stages...

Before bitching all the time, I'll wait for the beta and see how everything fits. They know what they are doing. We don't! After that, I'll submit my complain

Genuine-User1271d ago (Edited 1271d ago )

What you're doing is confusing your personal taste with that of others. Nobody enjoyed those silly "gimmicks"? Nobody, minority or majority, where are the statistics?

Over 9 billion games were played in Uncharted 3.

They have fixed the 1 hit melee kill and have added the ability to roll out of a melee in UC4.

Crimzon1270d ago

Uncharted multiplayer never had any issues with one-hit melee kills. Also, how could they add the ability to roll out of melee in UC4 if it was already possible in older games? A lot of your posts come across as someone who's desperate to defend any criticism of the multiplayer in Uncharted 4, but you're woefully ignorant of any of the actual details of the multiplayer in the franchise. You say a lot of things that are flat-out wrong which means that you obviously didn't play the multiplayer much, if at all, yet you like to pretend that you're some kind of authority on it.

Still, don't let that stop you from posting meaningless marketing buzzwords such as, "Over 9 billion games were played in Uncharted 3."

Yeah, whoopee, like that has much to do with anything. Also, for a quick idea of just how many people dislike these gimmicks, maybe step outside of your N4G echo chamber and go look at places where all the real, genuine Uncharted fans are discussing and commenting about this. The reception is overwhelmingly negative. N4G is the only place that has people trying their best to insist that these changes are good, and even then there's only about five of you. The real fans, though? Well, we feel differently.

TwoForce1270d ago

@Crimzon That's different between you and me. I enjoyed Uncharted 2 mp and Uncharted 3 mp. Hell, i enjoyed The Last of Us Mp. You can't please everyone with your decision. If Uncharted 4 stay the same U2 mp too much, then people would complain too much, there are different people opinion. Look, the beta will come out in December and i have Uncharted Collection so i will test myself. The gameplay trailer for UC4 mp looks good and smooth. You can complain, but complaining way too much that not helping. I do complain, but not a goddamn blind hater. Everyone do support their developers, even the game have problems.

Mr Lahey1270d ago (Edited 1270d ago )


"The reception is overwhelmingly negativ"

Yeah, the "real" UC-fans are a loud minority who, like all hardcore fans, like to complain. They want another UC2 game, nothing more, nothing less. It's always like that. But if you look at the numbers, (which you say doesn't matter) people will play and enjoy it anyways. Because the majority don't want another UC2 multiplayer, they want something new and fresh!

Genuine-User1270d ago (Edited 1270d ago )


It did have one-hit melee kills:

Point 2 -

I made a mistake on "rolling out of a melee". What I should have said was, Naughty Dog has fixed the lack of melee animation by rolling out of it.

A lot of your posts come across as someone who's desperate to criticise anything Uncharted/Playstation; works both ways.

Could you point out my woeful ignorance in relation to Uncharted (my favourite franchise) and The Last of Us (multiplayer lvl 100+).

I'm not an authority on Uncharted but I know a heck lot more than you. You don't even acknowledge the one hit melee kills.

My "buzzwords" are actual statistics. What have you brought to the table?

You're a genuine Uncharted fan? You're making me laugh. I have seen the discussions on N4G/NeoGAF. Most are from fans of either Xbox, PC gaming or Nintendo.

Just to give you another statistic. On the official PlayStation YouTube channel, the Uncharted 4 MP video has over 7K likes and 172 dislikes.

I would say aleast atleast half of those dislikes are from trolls. Now do the maths.

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ThatGuyDart1270d ago


I understand your concern but no one will really be able to judge until the BETA. The supernatural stuff could be balanced.

-Foxtrot1270d ago

Look we've played these kind of elements in the form of kickbacks in Uncharted 3

The sidekicks already look bad. I mean getting NPCs to do your work, least when you spawned an RPG in Uncharted 3 you still had to shoot the target yourself.

The in game store was in the Last of Us along with other things

We don't really need to play the beta....I will but my opinions on it will probably just be confirmed more then anything which will make me support the Classic Mode thread currently going on in the official forums

ThatGuyDart1270d ago


Actually now that I think about it, a Classic Mode would not be a bad idea. If enough people let Naughty Dog know that they want this they could implement it after launch. More options is always better so I support this idea, lets hope Naughty Dog acknowledges it.

TwoForce1270d ago

@Foxtrot Look, I understand your concern. But do you want them keep the same thing over again in UC 4 MP or to add new stuff ? I look at trailers, i'm really like it. Those exra which are interesting, and yes we do have concerns but at the same we do need to make sure our feedback have reason, you can complain but don't complain way too much.

UserNameIsNotTaken1270d ago (Edited 1270d ago )

I want something new though.. Tired of the same sh*t.
People hate change but for me its welcome.

-Foxtrot1270d ago (Edited 1270d ago )

What's the point of change when it's going to be something bad.

It's like liking change for the sake of change

UserNameIsNotTaken1270d ago (Edited 1270d ago )

The problem here is, you don't know if it's bad or not.. You just (saw) a trailer.

-Foxtrot1270d ago

Like I've said we've variations of these things in Uncharted 3 and Last of Us.

Only thing I can't comment on is the rope feature and the slide sections

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ThatGuyDart1270d ago (Edited 1270d ago )

The Last of Us broke that mold with the remastered version. Look down my friends list and the most played multiplayer games are usually between Destiny, NBA 2K16, Rocket League, GTA and The Last of Us.

yuukiliu1270d ago

Can't wait for this MP, obviously more pumped for the SP but I loved the MP and the co-op missions. I really hope they have a co-op in this game.

Majors1270d ago

I don't buy them for MP as I don't think online is up to much tbh. Obviously the more you play they better you get, but those players become so overpowered its near impossible to kill them.
Noobs should start out with powerful weapons and as they progress hit damage should drop to give new players a chance to rank a little for the upgrades.

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