PS4 boss says PS Vita has a place 'in the PlayStation ecosystem'

Fans of the PlayStation brand and its ecosystem of products, both from a hardware and software standpoint, surely know about the PS Vita's descent into silence over the past few years. Support has clearly waned for the handheld and if you were watching Sony's Paris Games Week briefing, then you undoubtedly saw that it was visibly absent from making an appearance.

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Death1266d ago

It's incredible that Sony keeps saying this, yet make no games to back it up. I understand they need to get rid of unsold stock, but why not makes games to sell the system instead of what they are doing? It's a great handheld, it just needs software that shows it.

bouzebbal1266d ago

i share your opinion 100%. this is pure BS.
a console with no games for at least a year is already dead to me.
At least they could localize the good games japanese are getting frequently.

Irishguy951266d ago (Edited 1266d ago )

It shouldn't be 'part' of the ecosystem. It should be able to stand on its own two feet. Like the 3DS

So annoying, the VITA is so great. No one makes games for it. Gamecube of the handheld world

Neonridr1266d ago

of course it has a place in the PlayStation ecosystem, for RemotePlay with the PS4.

DivoJones1266d ago

They've also stated they have no first-party games in development. At this point it's obvious to everyone that Sony has abandoned this hardware, and the only 'place' it sits in their eco-system is the rear view mirror.

Viper71266d ago (Edited 1266d ago )

Incorrect, they still have games in development just not ones that are considered to be AAA in terms of scale and budget.

It's good thing to note that developing a AAA classified Vita game is way more expensive than developing such game for 3DS.

It's important to understand is that a Vita game doesn't need to be AAA to compete with most of the 3DS and Mobile games. Stuff like Binding of Isaac and Don't starve are pretty comparable to many of the big budget titles on those platforms and likely more fun.

dark-kyon1266d ago

Awful article, some part even don't make sense. but obviously making this vita is dead topics still get clicks.

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