G4TV The Feed Exclusive Interview: Jonathan Blow, 'Braid' Creator

G4TV writes: "Hey, 360 owners, have you downloaded Braid from Xbox Live Arcade yet? You really should; the game just came out yesterday, and not only is it racking up a series of glowing reviews, it's also the perfect antidote to derivative big-budget titles that collapse under their own weight. Seriously, if some part of you is a little sick of playing another dark, dreary, shooter or dungeon crawler, Braid might be the tonic you're looking for.

In place of same-old same-old, this truly original platformer employs unique gameplay mechanics, allusions to classic platformers of the past, clever puzzles and painterly visuals to give you a gaming experience like nothing you've had before. Have we raved enough to convince you?

We contacted the game's creator, Jonathan Blow, and talked shop about Braid, indie games, and the state of the industry."

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