SVP PlayStation Marketing Guy Longworth is leaving Playstation

Guy Longworth, SVP PlayStation Marketing, is leaving Playstation after four years.

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TwoForce2055d ago

Well, Microsoft executives and Sony executives do have reason to leave for better future. It just the way of life.

_-EDMIX-_2055d ago

I wonder what this spells for Sony. Wonder who will replace him and why he left?

TwoForce2055d ago

I don't know. But just like Jack Tretton left Sony, Shaun take his role. Same goes with other people, i won't give you the name. You will understand eventually.

Ron_Danger2055d ago


@edmix: "I wonder what this spells for Sony. "

Ummmm.... Nothing??
It's a marketing position. Those positions come and go all the time. There are companies that hire entire marketing teams for product campaigns and once the initial push for the product is over, they dissolve the team and go on to the next project.

Not everything is doom and gloom like you're implying with that "I wonder what this spells for Sony" nonsense.

Me-Time2055d ago (Edited 2055d ago )

Let's see. For the most part, 95.498% of PS's best advertising / marketing in the past eight years came as soon as, and around the time of, the PS4 release. Before then, marketing for The Last Of Us was pretty good, especially when they made the obvious move of launching the first legitimate? trailer for TLOU during a "The Walking Dead" commercial break. I can't remember if "The Talking Dead" hyped it, but most likely they did. I remember Chandler Riggs tweeting he was excited to finally play it when it was about to release too.

Even though Left 4 Dead was more of a OMG ZOMBIES! game, same thing for Dead Rising and all those other over-hyped games were more suited for teenagers and people under 30, I was happy to see TWD be apart of TLOU marketing. I remember that first trailer being shown during a commercial break at the time of a TWD episode. It only got better with how awesome PS4 commercials became, but I am 100% sure that this guy "Longworth" wasn't the genius behind the genius ideas of those SIMPLY EFFING AMAZING PS4 commercials. Maybe he gave the green light for such ideas. But after all of the thinking about, where's the advertising for anything hardcore PS gamer, and then seeing what they did with TLOU followed by PS4 marketing. There's no damn excuse PS couldn't have been as good at marketing as Xbox was during their first and final years as the reigning "place to play" years.

Let's just hope this keeps PS keeping up with the likes of commercials that Bloodborne, Infamous, The Order, always sorta Uncharted since #2. But, the point is, let's hope PS's marketing team has learned to advertise instead of only letting word of mouth do the job for them. It was disappointing in the early years of the PS3 unlike PS1 or PS2's advertising years.

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SynestheticRoar2055d ago

Guy Longworth has a exciting new job, in the HR department at cable world.

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