Shadow of the Beast Update, New Trailer From Paris Games Week

Posted by Matt Birch on Oct 29, 2015 // CEO and Founder, Heavy Spectrum:

It’s been a great week for gaming news! Lots of wonderful announcements from Paris Games Week, and so many things to look forward to. We’re once again humbled that Sony asked for our game, Shadow of the Beast, to be in attendance amongst such illustrious company.

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jon_snow1270d ago

Looks awesome. Sony should have added this trailer in press conferences even though it was shown in 2014 but showing new trailer would have generate hype for the game..

playtimewilltell1270d ago

I think there's a reason the game hasn't been featured in a conference since its original CG trailer reveal: it's probably not very good and Sony doesn't have a lot of confidence in it.

Honestly, all the gameplay they've shown has been visually inconsistent and the mechanics look underwhelming, somewhat unpolished, and disappointingly basic. I'm referring both to the combat and the environmental traversal, which is ostensibly the two halves of this game, gameplay-wise.

The art can be interesting at times, but overall I don't think we should be expecting much from this, unfortunately.

Yahdaree1269d ago

Use some more out of context big words.

The game looks like a side scroller. So it's looks about as cool as that would, that's all. It's not a big open world game... priced right it should sell ok. $20

Sniperwithacause1269d ago

Looks like a god of war type game to me.

I'm in! More games more experiences

playtimewilltell1269d ago

Yahdaree, if you think I laid the "big words" on thick there, I feel sorry for you. They weren't "out of context"; the context is the game, which I commented on. That isn't out of context.

Secondly, there are lots of amazing, cleverly and beautifully crafted side-scrollers in existence. Just because this one looks underwhelming does not mean we should check our expectations at the door whenever we're discussing one.

Have a super duper day.