6 of the best crowd-funded games

Joe from GamersFTW writes about 6 of the best games that have been made as a result of crowd-funding from websites such as Kickstarter and Indiegogo

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Maple223158d ago

Shovel Knight, Darkest Dungeon and Sunless Sea look like really good games. Out of them I had only heard of Shovel Knight, so thanks bringing the others to my attention!

Yukes3158d ago

Some great games on this list, not only the well-known ones like Shovel Knight but hidden gems such as Sunless Sea. Fingers crossed Shenmue III is a bigger-budget success story too and warrants a place on lists like this.

HRD_Games3158d ago

Shovel Knight, Broken Age, and War for the Overworld are my favourites. It's a shame so many games are left unfinished, leaving some Kickstarters ending up with broken promises, and zero refunds.

harikaerif3158d ago

I'd add Divinity: Original Sin, Pillars Of Eternity and Wasteland 2 to that list.

s45gr323158d ago

For me the best crowdfunded games are:

Among the Sleep
Freedom Planet (did not backed it)
Mark of the Ninja.

Will check out sunless sea


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XiNatsuDragnel10d ago

Excited to see this game get published


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