Nier's sequel will have all the weirdness of the original, plus a little more polish | Eurogamer

It was, in its own way, the biggest surprise of this year's E3. In a year when we got the announcements of Shenmue 3, the remake of Final Fantasy 7 and the return of The Last Guardian, that's not bad going. No-one outside of Square Enix could have predicted that, five years after the original's middling reception played a part in the closure of developer Cavia, Nier was to get a sequel.

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Blastoise2159d ago

Honestly all it really needed was a bit more polish. It had it's heart in the right place but it's clear from the get go it was built on a super tiny budget.

I'm just glad it's got the original devs onboard too, to work alongside Platinum

Summons752159d ago

That's what made it so good. Rock solid gameplay, amazing soundtrack, and a great story. Visuals aren't everything but if they are able to capture that magic again and make it look amazing too then who am I to say no to a little extra frosting on the cake?

Game4Next2159d ago

Platinum Games Keep Polishing the Games, Don't make it look inferior than your X1 exclusive Scalebound, unleash PS4 Power!!!

spicelicka2159d ago

I remember the first game had one ugly ass character, that's about all I remember.

SynestheticRoar2159d ago

This game looks slick, and the music is awesome.