Female Hoodlums And Street Racing – How Accurate Is AC Syndicate?

AG from EGMR writes: "Assassin’s Creed Syndicate manages to do quite a lot right, a surprising amount when all is said and done. Especially given the laboured state of the series. One thing that I wondered throughout my time with the game was how accurate all these happenings and activities were.

You see, since the very beginning Assassin’s Creed has always drawn me because Ubisoft knows how to build a beautiful breathing world that transports you back to a bygone era. The series has almost never faltered in this regard. From recreating landmarks and stunning detail to capturing the mood and atmosphere of a period in history, Assassin’s Creed still enthralls me in at least that regard. Barring Unity of course because I almost never felt like I was in revolutionary Paris."

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ZaWarudo1273d ago

I don't think carrige ramming was possible back then.

MilkMan1273d ago

Its not a history lesson, its entertainment.