Achievements are the future of gaming

Forget cross game chat, Halo 3 and unreliable hardware, the Xbox 360's real legacy will be achievement points.

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THC CELL4346d ago

home (ps3) trophies in 3d are the future

Mgo reward system are the future

x boxs future is the dream cast

SmokingMonkey4346d ago

don't Platinum Trophies work better than just getting more achievement points?

i mean, this way we can tell the talented gamers from the guy who rents games just for the achievement points. right?

agree/disagree? (explain)

pwnsause4346d ago

well trophies work better because they follow a RPG/tiering system. you rack up XP to level up based on what trophies you have accumulated. plus they are flashier

Truplaya4346d ago

trophies do work better but they are only available in a few games so far. They should have been compulsory from the start so when sony intro'd them all games could have them instantly.

This is why acheivements are still better, but trophies will eventually be better.

elitewh0re4346d ago


i can agree, on paper the platnuim trophy's should show the better players, but the same thing will happen as with achievements, movie-based games/childish games will have easy to get trophies so it will eventually turn out the same

valknight4346d ago

didnt the exec for the playstation comment on how they dont copy anything from anyone. they what do they go and do hey they copy microsoft and give them acheivements in the form of trophies

thats like stealing someones work and changing 3 words to make it your own

Ninja_9tails4346d ago

Achievements are not a new concept. Insomniac games (that would be a Sony developer) has been putting an achievement system in their games for years.

katana5234345d ago

i borrowed my friends 360 for a month and i didnt give a rats ass about achievements. i mean gamerscore? and how easy the achievements are to get like in cod4, beat the campaign and you have almost all the achievements. sony's trophies copy and improve upon the achievements. no body can deny that sony copied it but at least they made them better or else everybody would definitely be laughing at them right now. i know what you mean when you say achievements are easy. now got to go to the blog and look at the "somewhat official trophy list" for PAIN. any hardcore gamer can tell you that PAIN is one of those casual games that you were talking about and ill tell you after playing pain and looking at what the trophies are it is going to be hella hard. 1 billion total points? will take time since i cant get even 1 million points every round. but all d!ck's balls in the dumpster in one shot? thats gonna be insane. nuff said

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THC CELL4346d ago

MGO reward system offers a lot more with access to dlc
what is pretty cool i hope to see more games like that soon

And people who diss log in into games

MGO offers something that frees space on downloads to hard drive what is very cool u
saves u space on maps and contents

only down side is if u was playing lan games of split screen..

Irishrocket694346d ago

You are Double Platinum Losers! Objective achieved!

pwnsause4346d ago

well its 6am EST, he probably is.

Irishrocket694346d ago

Are you stereo-typing people of Irish descent?

Ninja_9tails4346d ago

I think he is stereotyping people who just don't make any sense. Drunk people rarely make sense so I totally see his point.

pwnsause4346d ago

why would i stereotype, heck i get drunk overnight, and keep drinking at 6am lol

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CBaoth4346d ago

This is a prime example of how competition actually improves the quality of the industry and gaming in general. IMO, in the day and age of multiplayer, achievements may have saved the single player genre altogether. Not only that, I firmly believe it helps increase revenue for developers and publishers (look at SSDHD as proof). Obviously Sony thought enough of them to implement their own concept of achievements. I am grateful for trophies and hopefully Sony's business model of a free PSN will eventually cause MS to make XBLive a free service for the 720.

I know I'll get slammed for this. Oh well. I've been a multi-owning console gamer since the days of Atari/Intellivision so I'm not above complementing the competition.

Captain Tuttle4346d ago (Edited 4346d ago )

Making sense on N4G...for shame!

Have a bubble

fermcr4346d ago


In this site where 95% of the people are fanboys (whining and crying), once in a wile, appears someone that makes a good remark. Bubble for you.

Kratos Spartan4346d ago

"in the day and age of multiplayer, achievements may have saved the single player genre altogether".

On this bright day, a stranger enters the premises. He looks around and sees chaos abound. Thinking that there is no hope, and with a twinkle in his eye, he chooses his words wisely and spits out a statement so genious, that it shook the earth beneath his feet. After the dust settles, and the chaos stifles, a lonely soul looks up at this stranger and spouts the unthinkable--"you achievement whore". It is then, and only then, that this stranger is left but with one more final act.......'facepalm'

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