Sharp begins making blue lasers for next-gen DVDs

Sharp has begun mass production of blue-laser diodes at a new factory in Japan -- a move that should help reduce the cost of Blu-ray Disc and HD DVD players.

The company kicked off production at a new line at its factory in Mihama, Hiroshima prefecture, at an initial level of 150,000 per month, said Miyuki Nakayama, a spokeswoman for Sharp in Tokyo.

The first products are low-power diodes suitable for disc players, but in late 2007 Sharp aims to increase production to around 500,000 diodes per month and also begin making higher power models for use in disc writers, she said.

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Maddens Raiders5263d ago

Blu-Ray keeps getting love from the giants of the electronics underworld. What do they know? Hmmm....

I think people are just tired of saying "DVD". They're ready to say, pass the "Blu-ray".

Ghost 0f 0nyx5263d ago (Edited 5263d ago )

On a completely neutral story. "a move that should help reduce the cost of Blu-ray Disc and HD DVD players." Yeah, sounds like Blu-ray is gonna win for sure! Idiot. Maybe Sharp will stop sharing there LCD and Plasma technology with Sony, because Sony can't figure out how to do it on there own. Gaming isn't going to decide the format, neither are the movie companies. The winner will be decided by the same people that chose VHS over Betamax, the porn industry.

BIadestarX5263d ago

Yeah, and HD-DVD player and HD-DVD 360 addon. Heck it will allow for all HD players to reduce price. First drive to hit $100 wins!

andy capps5262d ago

The difference being that Sony has sold at least 4 times the amount of HD-DVD add on drives that the 360 has sold.. But yes, this will help everyone in the HD format wars. Sony stands to gain more from it because of the shortages they've had in the past with the diodes. That issue seems to be getting better as shipments seem to have increased and availability is becoming more common.

kingboy5263d ago

more diodes means more ps3`s..i`m sorry if the xbox 360 has a very tiny part to play here