Nintendo Stock Plummits More Than 10% After Investor Briefing, Lose $2.48 Billion in Market Cap

Nintendo just held its latest investor briefing, announcing to the public that its first mobile title will be delayed to March of next year. In response, Nintendo's stock has plummeted more than 10%, while DeNA stock lost 17% of its value, the most of any Japanese company in the day.

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LOL_WUT3192d ago

Nintendo should just port their virtual console titles to mobile and get it over with. This dena partnership is not only affecting both parties involved but it makes nintendo look desperate. ;)

Hroach6163191d ago

As someone who loves Nintendo and had every console since OG NES, I'm sad to say I agree with you. It really does doesn't it.

Game4Next3191d ago

Probably now Nintendo goes full Mobile, making a mobile console as powerful as PS4, by that time PS4 portable is possible and Xbox is a cloud service.

Concertoine3191d ago

The dena thing is what has saved their stock. It makes them look desperate to us, but all investors see is the $$.

Concertoine3191d ago (Edited 3191d ago )

To the disagrees:

Nintendo's stock in the days before the DeNA announcement was 13,835. That was higher than usual, it had been as low as 10,900 weeks prior.

In the mere days after the DeNA they shot up to 17,845, and continued rising in the next months all the way up to 22,770. That's a massive increase for a games company that is selling hardware slower than ever.

The DeNA announcement back in March saved their ass in their worst year for hardware.

XisThatKid3191d ago

For me not that I hate them or anything but if Nintendo went full broke and the entire company fizzled out. I honestly would care and continue playing Sony and MS consoles even Dreamcast gets play in my house.
Aside from the thousands If not millions of people out of a job which I deff feel bad for but as of products my life would hardly differ.
Hopefully this NX can change my view on the big N. This looks like their archaic ways are catching up to them

mcstorm3191d ago

@XisThatKid I am the other way round to you. Yes I will enjoy Sony's or Microsoft's console but they are to similar and with me having less time to play games as I'm now in my 30s I would miss Nintendo if they left the market.
For me I have loved the WiiU this gen and a lot more than I did the wii. Its all choice though. For me ide like to see Nintendo carry on making consoles as long as they don't go down the rout of being the same as MS and Sony as for me I want something different but I do think they need to make a decision now on how they involve the 3rd party's. I don't care what people on here think but if you take COD, BF, FIFA, WWE, AC and other 3rd party YOY games away from Sony or Microsoft they will suffer just like Nintendo have and imo be even worse off as Nintendo have some very big selling IP's Mario Kart is one of them as the sales of the last 4 games have been amazing when you look at the install bases of the Wii, WiiU, DS and 3DS.

If Nintendo do go to a software developer I hope they can keep the magic they have with their own consoles IP's but I also think they need to use there own IP's more too like StarFox, Zelda, Mario Football, Metroid as well as bring some new great IP's like we have seen with Splatoon.

I could not call where Nintendo will go with the NX but what they are saying in the media sounds like they are going to push the next console hard and if they do it could work well for them but time will tell as we all know power is not everything only this gen the more powerful console has been the best selling one when I look back on each gen.

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AnotherProGamer3192d ago

Jesus this much drop in stock cause a game got delayed.....

Emme3191d ago

It is a *game company*, christmas is approaching, what do You exspect :) ?

blackblades3191d ago

Nintendo just keep taking hits left and right. Wonder if they can actually make that comeback you just never know.

pcz3191d ago

its interesting because there were other articles here celebrating a few nintendo titles selling in the millions. platoon and mario maker.

it just goes to prove how fans can spin numbers and info to paint nintendo in a positive light.

nintendo are losing billions

MSBAUSTX3191d ago

They just posted another profit report. How in any way is that losing money?

DiRtY3191d ago

market caps:

- Nintendo 25.77 bn USD
- Sony 36 bn USD
- Microsoft 425 bn USD

- EA 21 bn USD
- UbiSoft 3 bn USD
- Activision 25 bn USD
- Capcom 1.3 bn USD
- Konami 3.1 bn USD
- Tecmo Koei 1.5 bn USD

kenwonobi3191d ago

A bubble for interesting info to this conversation.

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playerchaos3192d ago

probably because most investors were hoping for a mario game were they charge for every jump not a mii social game

benji1013192d ago (Edited 3192d ago )

The investors were hoping for a real Nintendo game.. Instead Nintendo put out shovel ware that no one wants. I would blame Iwata for the decision to make a mii social game as the first game instead of something more appealing to smartphone users. They should have made a pikmin salvage game. They could have allowed one day every day and charged for extra days.
Or didikong racing.
Or even a doctor mario game. Investors expected something addictive that would rake in the cash. I loved Iwata but he was too good a person. He cared about people as a race and that was not his job.

linkenski3191d ago

I'd say it's a good start and they said other games will be priced downloads and feature other characters.

I just hope they're sticking to 5$ games and not 15$ or something like Square Enix's crap.

_-EDMIX-_3192d ago

Have not laughed that hard in a long time. Legit lolz.

Bubbles for the funnies.

Concertoine3191d ago

The sad thing is, he's not joking, an investor proposed this idea a year or two ago at one of the Q&A's

Ck1x3191d ago

They weren't expecting this because when Nintendo announced the mobile games partnership they said that they weren't going to take franchise A and copy paste it over to mobile phones.

The stock drop came directly from the delay in software coming to mobile. Just as earlier this year it shot up from the mobile announcement. People are making it much more difficult than it needs to be and spinning stuff for their enjoyment. We now have comments from the N4G brain trust saying that the company has "lost billions", even though they made a profit this quarter as well... if you want to say that their market cap has lessened, okay that's true. But stocks go up and down constantly, that's the way it's designed to work!

zugdar3191d ago

That's their own fault if they did. N has been very clear that they are not making core games on phones.

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showtimefolks3192d ago

nintendo has to get itself together and make a home console that can get 3rd party support. if i was running Nintendo i would launch the next home console in 2017 and make it atleast 25-50% more powerful than xbox one and ps4

why 2017? so that developers can develop and have an amazing lineup of games at launch

benji1013192d ago

The stocks fell because of the mobile game not being ready to launch.. Nothing else.

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benji1013192d ago

I dont think investors have faith in consoles at all. Investors want quick profits not sustainable business.

Persistantthug3192d ago

The NX is going to be a handheld with a TV out.....a hybrid, basically.

The last thing Nintendo needs to do is make another traditional console......failure would probably hurt Nintendo greatly.

BigDuo3192d ago (Edited 3192d ago )

According to Satoru Iwata's statement from January 2013 below, there is no hybrid next-gen console. I don't know why some people keep thinking there is one when we've know about this for years now. We'll be getting a new handheld and a new home console just as Nintendo has always done. The difference is that this time, the architecture will be designed to be more similar and both platforms will use the same operating system so software development will be more streamlined.

“Last year [2012] we also started a project to integrate the architecture for our future platforms. What we mean by integrating platforms is NOT integrating handhelds devices and home consoles to make ONLY ONE machine. What we are aiming at is to integrate the architecture to form a common basis for software development so that we can make software assets more transferable, and operating systems and their build-in applications more portable, regardless of form factor or performance of each platform."