Gamers Universe: Soul Calibur IV Review

Gamer Universe writes: "For many, Soul Calibur II encapsulated everything that was great about this excessively theatrical hack 'em up series. It struck exactly the right balance, with a combat system as intricate or as basic as you wanted it to be while simultaneously packing in a raft of memorable characters. Building on the success of the first game that proved instrumental in shifting millions of Sega's ill-fated Dreamcast, the Soul Calibur series still stands as the only surviving weapons-based brawler whereas others (the woeful Battle Arena Toshinden for instance) have fallen by the wayside.

Soul Calibur III (SC3) by comparison proved to be a disappointment for die-hard fans, cramming far too many superfluous modes into an already bloated set of game types and introducing two fairly unlikeable characters. So, with the bitter taste of SC3 in mind, what has its sequel and current-gen debut done to redress the status quo and win back a legion of disillusioned fans?"

+Pitch-perfect combat
+Eye-melting graphical loveliness
+Much-improved character creation
+In-depth Story and Tower modes
+Darth Vader! Or Yoda!

-Reams of sleep-inducing story text
-Headaches after prolonged sessions
-Annoying online matchmaking
-Erm… rubbish boss characters?

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