The Success of the Nintendo NX: Theory, Not Fact

As the months have rolled on since the announcement of the existence of the NX, more and more rumors have leaked out, adding to the already high amount of speculation being generated by the gaming world.

While nothing is confirmed, there’s no doubt that there are quite a lot of people who are genuinely excited for the system, despite not knowing exactly what it is. Some are so excited, that they’ve convinced themselves that it’s practically already a success. This is where the problem lies.

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MCTJim1273d ago

Third party support please and maybe 1st party can go away from the kiddie style of games. This is the best direction they can go at this point.

TheDreamCorridor1273d ago

Nintendo fanboys jumping all over the success of this "NX" thing, ha ha.

So lame.

marloc_x1273d ago is this comment☝

WizzroSupreme1273d ago

I think the NX conversation will be a lot more interesting a year from now and no sooner.

showtimefolks1273d ago

nintendo has a uphill battle if it wants success like ps4 and xbox one. by the time it launches ps4 and xbox one will have a huge install base and 3rd party publishers are all with ms/sony/pc

if i was running nintendo i would get feedback from EA,UBI,Activision,Take two and ask them what it would take to get their games on our next console at the same time as other consoles

get feedback from developers nd don't be so close minded to that we are nintendo and we do what we want. it doesn't work like that

time for nintendo to join us in year 2015 and please no gimmicks. just gives us a powerful console with a standard game controller similar to ps4/xbox one

and than get the games ready to launch

wonderfulmonkeyman1273d ago (Edited 1273d ago )

You don't need to ask them, I can already tell you.

If you ran Nintendo, EA, UBI, Activision, Take Two, and all the others, would tell you to "give us your money, and beg for our cooperation".

And then you'd get bad ports anyway, with little optimization and looooots of content cut straight out of it just to save a buck.

Because third parties no longer give a damn about respecting Nintendo, or its gamers, when making ports of their big franchises for Nintendo home consoles.

Ck1x1273d ago

We're very glad that you are keeping your day job then. The western mentality is such a flawed and arrogant one to throw around. You assume that Nintendo can't ever be successful unless they are a carbon copy of Sony and Microsoft. So the Wii and DS never happened? The 3ds never happened either I guess, even though it had a very flawed launch as well with the WiiU, it's still a very well selling system. People are very short sighted at what Nintendo is going for and if you read over their new account system and points rewards. You can see that the ecosystem they're aiming for is beyond what Sony and Microsoft are currently offering.

When all is said and done if Nintendo partners with movie theaters, theme parks and other entertainment venues to give you rewards points everytime you go to the movies or visit a participating partner. This is ingenious to draw in new customers and entice people to spend money on your platforms. People love these types of reward programs and to know that by them spending money its earning future value. (No one else in gaming is doing this!)

MrBrofist1272d ago

Can we all stop with the NX already?

We don't know jack about it or it's games. I honestly don't get the hype.

You guys are setting your expectations WAY too high and if the system turns out not to be exactly what you're expect/wanted you'd have yourselves to blame

I'm just going to remain impartial until I see it for myself