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GI goes for the average on its Halo review

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christocolus1269d ago (Edited 1268d ago )

Pretty good review from Game Informer..

OpieWinston1268d ago

Playing Warzone is so much fun. I've always been an 4v4 fan and love Arena.... But Spartan Abilities plus the beast pistol has made Warzone a fav.

The sandbox team should be very proud.

affrogamer1268d ago

LOL GameInformer and their annoying decimals. Just give the game a damn 9/10. What does the .75 even means??

ABizzel11268d ago

They've been using a 40 point scale for the longest.

wakeNbake1268d ago

My thoughts are....
Campaign is the worst in the series.
MP is the best however.

Trekster_Gamer1268d ago

The Campaign is epic, I'm loving every frigging minute!!!

Automatic791268d ago

Love the campaign but we don't have to prove anything to anyone. If its not for you its not for you.

Allsystemgamer1268d ago (Edited 1268d ago )

I didn't like the campaign at all. I'm a huge halo fan but this campaign just felt like a kick in the nuts. I didn't like Locke at all. His character wasn't flushed out and he had no personal connection to the plot like chief. The campaign should have focused on chief and how he is feeling about what's happening and blue is there to give an explanation as they've known him since childhood. The banter between them and seeing some actually CARE and SUPPORT chief as a friend the way cortana did in 4 would have been incredible but instead 343 wanted to make a new character and put chief on the back burner.

It honestly feels like they just focused on the multiplayer, which is probably the best MP I've played all year.

Ashunderfire861268d ago

People giving you disagree don't understand until they play it. I played it an thought the same thing as you. Halo 5 is the best in terms of level design, but the worst campaign in the series. After replaying Halo 3 and 4 on the Master Chief Collection, my expectations for Halo 5 were very high, and man was I disappointed! All those ads was lies. No it's not the greatest hunt in history, especially for a cheesy fight scene of Chief and Locke that was an epic failure. No there are 12 missions not 15 missions, because 3 missions are just hubs to talk to 2 npcs that it!!! Then there is the repetitive same boss fight for like 5 damn times! The multiplayer is the best in the series though.

OpieWinston1268d ago

Setting up an amazing Saga with that ending but you call it the worst. I feel you played it on Easy/Normal and rushed through it.

LAWSON721268d ago

I agree lacked storytelling, and personally I love the huge battles like in 3 and there were pretty much zero of those. It just just felt more linear than sandbox.

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phantomxll1268d ago

After reading the reviews but before playing the game, I was thinking the campaign story would suck. But after playing for myself (currently on the last mission)... the story is great. And there is an epic fight a couple missions before that left my jaw on the floor. Masterchief is a beast!!!!

aviator1891268d ago

I literally had to pause the game for a minute when that one wicked gravity sequence was happening.
That was probably one of the best moments I've ever experienced in any Halo game.
While the story itself may be divisive, the campaign itself (gameplay, level design, combat, etc.) was pretty badass, imo.

phantomxll1268d ago

Yes. That part was epic. I couldn't believe it either. Super original idea. And it was beautiful to look at

OpieWinston1268d ago

That fight is really tricky on Legendary.

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