Carmack: PCs Not Important As Consoles

Tom's Games had the chance to sit down with John Carmack for a brief chat regarding Rage, id Software's upcoming game slated for PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

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Zerodin4357d ago

He is correct.
You can make more money making games for two consoles and the PC, then the PC by itself.

M337ING4357d ago

Isn't it always better to release a game on multiple platforms than 1?

I can turn that argument on its side and say that its better to release a game on 2 consoles and pc instead of just one console.

th3james4357d ago

i have been a pc gamer since i was 2, but i also play alot of consoles. When pc gaming had developers creating titles that utilized pc specific features it was good. they could afford to make pc exclusives because there was not as much piracy and games were cheaper to dev.

now most developers realize their game will not always be a AAA title. So they cut quality by dividing up dev teams to create console water'down game.

these devs are just lazy and blame piracy. Valve has had and still has a huge community of gamers, because they create games that people will buy and go back to year after year

Fishy804357d ago

i think people had enough upgrading their pc graphic cards.
also there is alot of cheaters in pc version whatever what game ur playin.

well am 28 year old gamer... to be honest i used to say pc's r the best for gaming, but lately i decided to stick up with Consoles ^ - ^`

solar4357d ago

nice. another retard taking what someone says out of context and making stupid ass interpretations. no where did Carmack says consoles are more important than PC's.

devilhunterx4357d ago

Is this guy related to the Monkey in the White House? He sure flip flops a lot

deeznuts4357d ago

First off Barack hasn't won yet, second of all ,that is derogatory.

But I do agree, barack does flip flop quite a bit.

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