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Battleborn combines the FPS experience Gearbox has refined in their Borderlands games with elements from MOBAs, MMOs, and melee combat.

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Perjoss1272d ago

I'm kind of glad that the market is becoming over saturated with online multiplayer games, as it could spark a big return to games which focus on a great campaign, stuff like KotOR.

The more games that come out and try the same DLC shiz as Evolve, Payday 2 etc and then fail horribly the better. Most people either want a complete online experience at launch or simply a great single player game they can play through and then move onto another great game instead of worrying how complete a game is, should they buy it now or wait and get the goty edition instead of being milked for 4 or 5 DLC packs.

IamTylerDurden11272d ago (Edited 1272d ago )

I agree that Evolve is an utter disgrace to gaming, and i am certainly not a fan of Titanfall's mp-only hype machine, but Battleborn is not the same thing.

Battleborn is basically a slightly more online focused Borderlands...but instead of a Bazillion guns it has a Bazillion characters.

Just like Borderlands it's about grabbing some buddies and blastin some baddies in a humorous fps romp that features addictive character progression and oozes stylized awesomeness.

Extra Point: Montana and his minigun look seriously OP!

2 Point Conversion: it features John Cleese! My PS4 is ready...for the beta.