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Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition has just recently come out for consoles. Originally released in 2014 for PC the game received fantastic reviews. How does it stack up against other turn based RPGs? What is it about this game that makes it so appealing?

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Snappy1175d ago

Would you recommend it then

kube001169d ago

I would! Its been fun

The93Sting1175d ago (Edited 1175d ago )

great scores for this game thus far :)

I really wanna try one of these old school RPGs but I'll have to choose between 3:

Diablo 3
Wasteland 2
and this game

which one would you guys recommend? I heard wasteland is like a survival game where the world is post apocalyptic and stuff. is it really a survival game or its just set in that type of world? like do you scavenge for water, food and weapons to survive? if its like that then i'm interested!

PreAtaric1175d ago (Edited 1175d ago )

You don't need food, but you have to fill your canteens with water whenever you can and stay stocked up on health packs. I wouldn't call it a survival game but it is very cool. The UI takes some getting used to though imo.

DIablo 3 is great too, but very different from WL2 and D:OS. Much more arcade-ish gameplay, but every class is fun in their own way. I have a max level character (you continue leveling after that but in a different way) for every class, which isn't something I'd normally do with such a game.

I picked up D:OS and just barely started it so I don't have much info except to say I like it very much so far and can already tell it's pretty deep in terms of possible ways to play through it. I'm going to finish Wastelands 2 before I really dig in.

Probably not much help, but really all three games are worthy of purchase imo.

The93Sting1175d ago

+1 Helpful :)
thanks for your info brother!
I'll pick up WL2 it sounds fun and interesting, dunno about Diablo, since its arcade-ish I might pass.
and for D:OS I'll buy it maybe later, when I finish WL2 :D currently interested in WL2 I hope its great, thanks for your time!

stavrami1175d ago

Can't comment on any accept diablo and would highly recommend it absolute smashing game. Look up some gameplay videos

kube001169d ago

I think this or Diablo 3 would be best.