Dyack: Too Human is up to 80 hours long

Speaking with Kiziko, Silicon Knights' controversial commander in chief, Dennis Dyack, revealed that if you want to reach level fifty in Too Human, the game can be anywhere from 50 to 80 hours in length.

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JasonPC360PS3Wii4356d ago

There goes my life for a while, time to get vampire skin.

jamilion4355d ago

People who had trouble finishing GTA4, this is twice the length, good luck!

cmrbe4355d ago

hehe. yeah i know what you mean.

xm15e2s4355d ago (Edited 4355d ago )

Gotta laugh at all of the Too Human haters below. If this game was multiplatform, these same people would be talking about how awesome it is. lol

Too Human IS awesome to many of us, and we will be buying it on day one. Give it up, already.

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Tarasque4355d ago

Wow 80 hours of gameplay and its not going to have 70 hours of cutscenes. Well this game is disappointing sheesh, who wants to play a game for that long. i mean they will never get goty or the respect if it doesnt have alot more cutscenes. I mean this is which direction games are going that are so l33t. But seriously it cant have 80 hours of gameplay its on a dvd9 if it was on bluray then i would say yeah.

littletad4355d ago

The amount of Sony haters is disturbing. I can't help but wonder if their kids or young adults with too much time and hate on their hands.

Guwapo774355d ago

I may not own a 360... I will honestly say I'm envious of this game. In a generation were games are more focused on graphics vs content, this is a plus. I will not speak on the quality of this game because I haven't the slightest clue. However, I do wish other studios start focusing on gaming length. I'm tired of beating $60 games in a weekend.

Also note 80 hours of repetitiveness isn't a good thing either. But a good quality 80 hrs of make you want to play is where it's at. I hope you guys get a solid game.

Happy gaming guys.

mfwahwah4355d ago

In all honesty, meh. If I want to waste upwards of 65 extra hours just to hit the level cap, I'll play an mmorpg, where there is some end game and what not.

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Meus Renaissance4355d ago

It's not actually 80 hours long to finish the game from start to end, but to upgrade your characters to the max then yes it can be that long.

thenickel4355d ago

Which is good because it adds a lot of replay value.

GiantEnemyCrab4355d ago

Exactly. With all the different classes and loot it will be a game that I will play thru several times. When I'm paying $60 for a game replay value is important.

First day buy for me.

Masko4355d ago (Edited 4355d ago )

biggups to all xbox 360 haters. hating on a piece of plastic ^_^