Is Red Barrels teasing an Outlast 2 announcement for tomorrow?

Rely on Horror writes "Red Barrel's breakout title, Outlast, is pretty damn good. I loved it, and I wrote about what I'd like to see from a sequel shortly after playing it. Outlast 2 was confirmed, but we haven't heard anything yet. Until now (maybe).

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TedCruzsTaint1181d ago

One of the best horror games of the last decade.
One of the best horror games, period.

Even the DLC campaign was fantastic, and set a separate tone from the original.

I can only hope so.

Crashbandicoot871180d ago

Didn't they already announce it with a teaser trailer?

TWB1180d ago

This seems to be a case of submit delay. The article was published 28th but it has appeared on this site just now. There has been some other cases where some articles pop up reminding people of some free steam game thats available for 24 hours but then it turns out the offer already ended two days ago.

Sinexx1180d ago

The trailer was already revealed today, I think it was. Shamed to admit, I never finished the game, it had me shook bad in some parts, but it was a fun game and even better with a group of friends.