Jolt Reviews: Fantastic Contraption

Jolt Writes:

"Few physics-based browser games hold anything more than novelty value or even enough in-built entertainment to last a lunch break, but Fantastic Contraption somehow breaks the mould. Offering nothing more than sticks and wheels with which to build machinery, the game's 20 free levels and dozens more homemade designs will absorb you for hours and then go on to haunt your dreams.

Levels that start out very straightforward soon go on to encourage you to build the most ridiculous and incredible machinery, with the aim of getting a small object into a goal. The only rule is that you have to build within a specified area, but everything else is down to physics. The genius is that there are almost countless ways to complete an objective. You could build a tank, a catapult, a conveyor belt or even a gigantic poking device."

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Le-mo3882d ago

Very impressive for a fighting game.