Skreens Allows Halo 5 To be Played in Local Split Screen Co-Op and With the Oculus Rift

EB: The Halo community was collectively bummed out when 343 revealed that local split screen co-op had been scrapped in favor of maintaining the game’s slick 1080p 60fps visuals, but there may be a way to pull this off after all.

The Skreens team has been able to use its hardware to connect two Xbox Ones to the same TV and have both of their outputs displayed side-by-side without any lag.

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MeteorPanda1268d ago

two xboxes tho, they're saying the xbox can't run split screen... l think their argument against split is bs but that's what they're saying.

stuna11267d ago (Edited 1267d ago )

They say there is no lag, but it's as plain as day! Maybe their eyes are lagging. Also it's confirmed Halo is not 1080p even with the use of dynamic upscaling and no actual reference as to what the gamer is seeing through the Oculus Rift googles. We're just going off of what he's saying with no way to measure the validity of his claims.

meche3341267d ago

Halo 5 is locked 60fps. and yes halo 5 does hit 1080p.

stuna11267d ago

DF says it doesn't hit 1080p and as for the lag with the skreen demo, there is apparent lag between the two screens, but don't take my word for it, watch DF summary of the campaign/multiplayer assessment and hear it from them.

TheCommentator1267d ago

For the price of Skreens, you could just buy another small TV.