PGW: Just Cause 3 60 fps PC footage


"The PC version of Just Cause 3 is playable in its full version at PGW, so Davton took the opportunity to visit a teeny tiny part of the gorgeous open world of this third installment. Here is a first video with more coming as soon as possible. The PC we played the game on was an i5 equipped with a GTX 970 and so were all the others demoing the game. The game's graphics were set to ultra."

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crazychris41241268d ago

My new PC will have a 390 which is a tiny bit better overall than the 970 so it's great to see that I'll be running 1080p 60 on ultra

nowitzki20041266d ago (Edited 1266d ago )

I got a 970 and have almost no problems running any game at full setting on 1080p resolution, so you should be fine. GTAV, Witcher 3 etc. I just turn down shadows a bit and foliage visibility range, or grass density and im good. After doing that, I have been up to about 70-80fps on Witcher 3 and GTAV.

crazychris41241266d ago

Yea I know but 390 has 8GB vram vs 970s 3.5 vram. Will never have to worry about hitting the limit for the next 2-3 years. Other than that the cards have similar performance. Can't go wrong with either card.

RedDeadLB1266d ago


You'd sooner hit the performance cap than the VRAM cap either way, so that VRAM difference is completely negligible.

mezati991266d ago

Just Cause 2 was amazingly optimized for PC. i have high hopes for this one