The 27 Most Ridiculously Hot Female Fighters

SlosofGaming writes, "We've been playing our collective asses off in Soul Calibur IV this last week, taking exhaustive notes on the fine graphics. Love 'em or not, females in fighting games are always going to be downright sexy. But even though the soul still burns, the SlobsofGaming will never forget the beautiful women of fighting games past and present."


The site must have added two more. It's now "The 29 Most Ridiculously Hot Female Fighters".

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TheWickedOne3726d ago

Ha. It's now 29 Most Ridiculously Hot Female Fighters.

INehalemEXI3726d ago (Edited 3726d ago )

They should add Shura from SC4 and make it 30. Tifa from Mugen too.

sumfood4u3726d ago (Edited 3726d ago )

They should be on this list!

ZombieNinjaPanda3726d ago


There has been a lot of these articles lately hasn't there?

Fruit Loops3726d ago

These articles are better than those other articles filled with fanboys whining.

moses3726d ago

Sonya Blade looks like a man

Kami3726d ago

freakin men face. she looks like one of those transgenders

UltimateIdiot9113726d ago

It's obviously it's Johnny Cage disguise as Sonya.

Harry1903726d ago

most intelligent article posted today,but it sure is the best looking.

Gamekilla3726d ago

from ffx and ffx2 count as a fighter? if so, she should be included...

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The story is too old to be commented.