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Ben Moore: "Things have been tumultuous for Halo recently, particularly because of The Master Chief Collection, which has had severe issues since last November. In many ways, then, Halo 5: Guardians is a chance at redemption. The first mainline Halo on the Xbox One, Guardians could have played things safe, choosing to cater to longtime fans by giving them something that’s been done before. Instead, the game is one of most ambitious entries in the series. Sometimes, ambition comes at the cost of scope, but Halo 5 has so much for players to dig into. Not to mention, the completely overhauled mechanics make Halo feel better than ever. Yet for as much as there is to praise, there are some significant shortcomings that dampen the grandeur of an otherwise excellent game."

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TheGreatGamer1270d ago

Gametrailers has been my go-to reviewers for games for a while now, find they always give accurate scores and in depth reviews. Already purchesed the game but still watched and enjoyed the review

TLG19911270d ago

Yes, true. GameTrailers have spoken!!

thrust1270d ago

War zone alone is a 9/10 I love it

tinynuggins1270d ago

Gametrailers are usually pretty tough on their reviews. Great review, picking up my copy tomorrow.

nix1270d ago

i would love to see media be this lenient next time any game that is not high profile game come out with this kind of disability.

Poor Campaign.
Amazing MP.


Amazing Campaign.
Poor MP.

Let's wait and see.

MetroidFREAK211270d ago

GameTrailers always gives the best reviews. They go more in depth than other sites and make you feel really pumped for buying a good high profile release. I'm glad they liked Halo 5. I for one am enjoying it very much so far.

aviator1891270d ago

I'm actually surprised that the gametrailers review went into such depth on each part of Halo 5 with the review. Detailed reviews are always good for a nice read.

MetroidFREAK211270d ago

Do agree. I prefer to watch video reviews however haha :)

Automatic791270d ago

Fantastic review spot on. Played Halo till 1 o'clock last night. Now I am at work wanting to get home to play. Lol

MetroidFREAK211270d ago

College is short today, so I got lucky :)

GearSkiN1270d ago

Is it just me or halo 5 sensitive is so slow.... Must be coz of elite controller you can adjust..

boodi1270d ago (Edited 1270d ago )

my works fine ( no control lag or slow turning etc ), normal xb1 controller
started yesterday evening i'm into 2 hours , game is a blast on many aspects

Elit3Nick1270d ago

I definitely agree, I play on 10 and it feels like a 6 or 7 on the other halos. I'm fine with it though, it means that people with ridiculous reflexes don't get a huge advantage on the others.

GearSkiN1270d ago

Yeah I play 6-7 now 10 on Halo 5

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