A Beginner's Guide to the world of Fallout

With Fallout 4 due out in a couple of weeks, millions of people are set to leap into the post-apocalyptic open world Bethesda has spent the last few years crafting.

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error132062d ago

I seriously can not wait to play this game, it will be my first time playing a Fallout game, but after spending hours and hours upon Skyrim I have fallen in love with open world RPG games.

The Witcher is currently keeping me busy but soon Fallout 4 will take over.

TLG19912062d ago

Im jealous its your first. i wish i could have my first time in fallout again. my first was fallout 3 and it blew me away. the experience was something that skyrim could never scratch for me. not that i didn't like it but fallouts world and lore is special

Perjoss2062d ago

Really wish that Men in Black memory wipe gadget was a real thing, I can think of quite a few games I'd love to play again for the first time :)

Trollthumper2062d ago

I wish there was a way to erase the memory of a game so we can keep playing our favorite games over and over.

MarcoGT2062d ago

It's gonna be my first time aswell and I think it's best I don't know too much about it. Did the same with witcher 3 and we know how that turned out :)

eddvdm2062d ago

It's an ok wrap-up but in my honest opinion the best and exceptionally good introduction (and much more) would be the Fallout: Lore Series on .

I admit there are a lot of episodes but they are short, objective, very well written and spoiler-free. Believe me, even if you're not a fan of lore altogether they are a lot of fun and interesting to watch. Give the first episode a try if you're in doubt.